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Conflicting Power Specs for Cub

The Simple Cub is made to use the B Power Pack, which includes a 2213 X 935 Kv motor. However, the specs for the plane say to use a "370 Size, 1200kV Minimum." Which is correct? And, which is better for a novice flier?
Also, what is a 370 size motor?


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If you are swinging a 10x4 prop on 3s then a 2215 1100kv motor might be better. Are you buying a power pack with your cub or making one up off eBay? If you haven’t built anything before buy a Power Pack, the extra money will be saved in less trouble in getting all your electronics right and having a simpler first build.
Right now i have a 2213 X 935Kv motor on the plane. I'm away from the plane, so I can't tell you what prop I have on it. But just to add to the confusion the B Power Pack comes with a 9X4.5 and a 10X4.5 prop. Plus the specs call out for a 8X4.5. Which one is right?


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It depends on what battery voltage you are using, faster RPM comes from more volts, which puts a bigger load on the motor with a bigger prop, so if you were running 3s you might go with the smaller prop.
I would fly it on the 10x4, I have found that makes plenty of thrust on 3s and is fairly efficient. It will fly on both props but with the lower Kv the bigger prop will work best.
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