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In this episode of Flite Test Josh and Josh continue with the topic of swappable air frames and introduce the Delta. Designed with a KF airfoil step for lift, this Delta offers no other vertical stabilization. This means you can do rolls, loops, basic aerobatics and inverted flight!

Stay tuned for the build videos of both the FT flyer and the Delta in future episodes of Flite Test.
You can check out the Nutball build here!


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Timing! I've been planning on doing a delta in the next couple of weeks! I also echo the sentiments of Stonekap Productions, nice work.


Quick question. You have 8043 props in the buy list, but you mentioned 9047s in the video. Just wondering which you were actually flying with? I have the same motor and the 8043s work great, but haven't tried a 9047...

Wow, those birds were not too impressed ;)

Nice seeing the Joshes flying together.


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When can we expect to see the plans for ft and the wing. Hobbyking made a big mistake droping you guys! I have bought a lot of stuff from them because of this show. Ibuilt your f22, i loved the sound of the pop in slot. I also made your nutball and funbat. Unfortunatly all three have met their end, but thats the beauty, all the guts just get recycled into a new adventure! Please list the new plans, i still have the nutball fusiladge...plan to build the triplane soon...


Great episode, I'm really looking to see what else you can squeeze onto that fuse, and also the build videos for the FT Flyer and the Delta.

I've already started my nutball build but also keen to build the other wings while I'm waiting for my parts to arrive. What are the dimensions of the Delta? It looks like a straight forward build.