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E-Flite Advance 25e


Flying Derp
Thanks for the kind words, guys. All I was able to get done tonight was to solder the connectors on the motor and ESC. I'll have to say I'm kind of disappointed that the G25 motor only came with the radial mount and the four screws to attach the radial mount to the motor, nothing else. Less expensive motors from HK include bullet connectors, screws to mount the motor to the firewall, heat shrink tube, etc. Not the Turnigy Easymatch!

I had to file the holes in the radial mount a bit to get it to line up with the holes pre-drilled into the firewall spaced for the E-Flite motors.

I may need to swap the screws out for shorter, we'll see.

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Crazy flyer/crasher :D
At least you had some screws lying around.

Most of the time when I build something goes into searching the right tools and stuff and need!