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Eclipson Model Z


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just started print tonight. very straight forward and simple print set-up.

Eclipson Model Z

first fuse piece came out awesome.




fuse 2 and 3 will be done before i wake up.


tickled pink so far. i had tried to print a 3DLabprint last year and it was less than perfect. this one has been piece of cake so far.

cross fingers,

me :cool:


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thanks. (y)

i am finishing up the wing tips and have the center main wing to print tonight (8hr print). that will be the last of the silver parts, then i switch to "silky orange" for the mid wings, ailerons, and tail control surfaces. ;)

not sure what colors i will choose for gear and canopy yet but by tomorrow night i should be almost done with print.

pieces so far...


and, wing tips printing. almost 50% complete...



me :cool:


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the center wing printed all night. woke up and all looked good but upon inspection things were a little thin...


and a little stringy...


considering it has to do all that without any support, not bad but not good enough. i think i will make some adjustments and print another tonight. bummer, but want to make sure the main support of my wing is solid. :unsure:

the plans don't match the file names in the download for the rear tail. i made a mistake and printed what i thought was the Vert stab. instead it was a Horz stab. i have all 3 printing again with proper settings.


was hoping to at least start the orange wing sections tonight but that will have to wait.

keep printing. (y)

me :cool:


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@mrjdstewart - looking pretty good though!

FYI - I am attempting an ABS print at the moment with a new base plate that is giving me better adhesion - This is my first 'no raft' 'no support' print! Although I am still printing thin walls I have a 1.0mm shell thickness - this is destined for the slope so weight is not critical (although I would like to keep it light and add ballast)!



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got some updating to do, mostly that i don't like my new orange filament. first to the pics though...


beginning print of all 4 aileron pieces. this was a mistake, they had 2 diff print settings. i ended up printing parts 2 again.


looks good with the silver though...????

next was last of the 2 wing sections.


and then finally the rudder.


like i mentioned, not too pleased with the orange filament. did several starts too most of these prints. like the color, not sure about the quality.

anyways, done with the orange and move onto the clear canopy. try and get both printed tonight.



me :cool:


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I am having trouble with the ABS on thin wall settings to stick to the bed (no raft no support) - if it sticks it make s beautiful print!
What are your room temps like where you're printing it? If it's cool, it can have an adverse effect on sticking to the bed - seems that's why so much ABS is done in an enclosed cabinet - to keep the temps constant and to keep the smell from getting to people.

Also, have you tried a little hairspray on the bed before it starts printing? I've found that to work well with some of the ABS prints I've done...


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tedious would be the word for the day. really don't like this orange filament. i give the plane 100% chance of flight and 75% chance of catastrophic failure during that flight. if not, the landing gear will be ripped off on my first landing. :LOL:


more gear and servo mounts


the fuselage glued together,


the wing,


steerable nose gear w/ solid wheel. i am actually reprinting several of these parts as i type.


i don't want to hear anything about the mess... :eek::sneaky::ROFLMAO:


more to come. wanted to maiden tomorrow but not sure i will be able to pull it off. probably have to wait until next saturday.


me :cool:


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no i did not use their code, i just set everything manually. the silver filament is by far my fav. it has always been high quality for being PLA and does not seem to have a problem with grabbing ton's of moisture. the brand is "Dikale" and color is "silver." best of all it is CHEAP! LINKY

with that said, you may want to hold off for a bit. 3D printed planes are cool and the idea of them and the "just print a new part if you crash" sounds appealing, but in fact it is very impractical. once the plane is glued together you are not going to be able to just swap parts. if the plane crashes, chances are it will be totaled and you will just need to start all over.

don't ask me how i know...


i was 100% correct on my assessment of how the flight would go. 100% chance of flight, 75% chance of catastrophic failure. it took off and flew beautiful, took some trim to get it straight but once dialed in it looked beautiful in the sky. it had a very slow roll rate but with the use of the rudder improved significantly and was able to do a loop no probs. i had it in the air for about 4 mins when i decided to do a stall test before trying to land. the one thing i had heard about this model is that it had a nasty tip stall tendency and i want to find out what it did before i was too close to the ground to recover. so i pointed it towards the sky, pulled back the throttle and pulled on the elevator. all was good, then it tipped hard left and went into a death spiral almost immediatly. i pointed the nose at the ground, gave it some throttle, and tried to pull out. about half way to the ground the right wing folded (damn orange filament) and the rest was inevitable.

i think i will maybe try and print another in just silver but it may be a bit. this took multiple days to print and assemble and only getting 1 flight is just too much work. we will see...


me :cool: