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electrohub building

Hi guys,

At first, I am a befuddled guy from Germany, so my english isnt that great.

I want to build the electrohub quadcopter, but i want to configure it with a gps system that i can use something like a failsave, if i activate it, the quadcopter should come back in a adjustable high.

And additionally i want to configurate a fpv camera on it with a system that i can adjust the vertical view with
something like this (http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__12875__FPV_Fiberglass_Pan_Tilt_Camera_Mount_L_Size.html)

Now I am asking myself, which components are necessary?
And can you recommend a nice fpv set ?

Thank you very much,


oh i forgot to say, i want to save the videos i have done with it. For example on a Micro SD card.
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Welcome Razoris,

Willkommen auf der fourms.

I just bought this package for my first FPV set. From what I got from here and other forms it is functional but not great. I am okay with that as I expect it to take some abuse.

The new rail system they released for the Electrohub looks like it would be great for mounting that item you show for the gimbal and the camera in the kit I listed "should" fit. The case may make it to big though.