Experimental easy scratch build glider


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Taking inspiration from a foamboard wing design by @Inq, I built this 60" span DTFB and cardboard tube glider.

I did some test glides without the servos installed and it's looking somewhat promising. I learned that I would need a bit of support on the wing to stop it from folding up so we'll see how well a pair of bamboo skewers do.

Only control surfaces are the v-tail (which may be too obtuse of an angle?) so the next experiment will be seeing how well I can control this.

Wish me luck!


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That looks great! I agree with piotrsko. You probably need more angle on the tail and possibly more surface area. BTW - you do have the tail surfaces both going in the same direction i.e. like a single rudder and not like elevons? No reason you couldn't put a small motor with a folding prop on the front of that.


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They're set up as ruddervators. I was thinking about a little motor as well, just enough to get some elevation!


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I fear you might find particularly at that angle those tail surfaces would be almost useless when acting as rudders.

A conventional V tail has at least the same projected side and vertical area as a conventional fin and rudder layout.
The big advantage of a V tail in a model is that it keeps most of the tail clear of the grass when landing.;)

As full size gliders found out the total surface area (thus drag) of an effective V tail was actually more than the drag of a conventional T tail which can get away with a smaller tail plane/elevator but a bigger fin/rudder yet still give better control.


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Thanks for the insight! I might have to try redesigning the tail after a couple test runs just for fun.