F-22 Raptor Scratch Build


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I've inherited some gear including a Park 370 inrunner motor labelled as 4100KV along with a gear reduction unit.

Could that motor be used in the F-22? The 4100 is a lot higher KV than some of the motors that have been discussed, but those units were direct drive (i.e. no gear unit).


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Depending on your gear ratio, yes it might work quite well geared.

Are there any letters or numbers on the gears?
Ie 1, 2, A, B, C, D?

EDIT: 1, 2, A, and B would all work well.
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The big gear on the prop shaft shows "66T-2". The small gear on the motor has 10 teeth.
How does that sound?

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Oh, then it's a D gear. (6.6-1) Hmm, that one won't work well on the FT-22, but it would like a 3D plane or slowstick quite well.

If you wanted you could order an EPS 300/350 A gearbox and use that instead, but I think this combo would work better in one of those other designs.

Sorry about that.:(


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You mentioned that the D geared unit would like a 3D plane.
Would that work in FliteTest's FT-3D plane?


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Today i' ve maiden mine:

View attachment 6104

AUW is 340grams (11.5 oz) with
24gr HK 1300KV and 8x4.5 pusher prop
3s850mAh nanotech Battery
25A Sentry controller.

It Was Built with cheap like Dollar tree foam (although here is not that cheap - 3.5Euros, $4.5)
and it my first scratch built and i'm a total newbie.

It Flew almost ok. I had to give a lot of down trim just to keep it level, from going down, and i feel that the motor/prop combination is too docile for me, so i'm gonna try a different motor tomorrow.

The Plane balances where rcgroups and Josh are pointing (16in from the nose or 30-40mm-1-5in from the motor).
The elevators where level when i glued the servos.
So does anyone know why it wants to dive so much down?

Hi i have just built one of these and i think i might have a weight issue. Mine weighs in at 400g and using all what has been described in plans and forums. Using turnigy 300,1600kv motor,orange 6ch rx,2x 9xe servos, 500mah 3s lipo and hobbyking 10a esc. All made out of foamboard. I did have to add some nose weight as couldnt get CoG right which im told is 16" from nose and this is on 24" model. Any help or pointers grately recieved



Here is a Tip for when Building the F22 Raptor on the Prop Cut-out the original design tends to be cause a fair amount of noise,
But if you cut a V shape out towards the rear it cuts down the noise factor slightly

See Attached Diagram diagonal cut-out marked in RED

View attachment 4711
On my FT F22 mini I was able to reduce the prop noise about 50% by cutting a bow tie slot around the original rectangular slot. Would like to reduce it further if anyone has additional suggestions.


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