FPV Data cables and more

Hi. I have a few questions. I am planning on getting an FT Versacopter for FPV, using Power Pack D (or the one for mini quads, if I'm wrong), but I want to try to use the Naze32 board as my FC for the Versacopter. I use the KK2 board for my Electrohub quad, which has a screen to program it right there. I have seen the Naze32 video on YouTube from FliteTest, but it requires a cable to flash and program it. I'm just wondering what type of cable it is and where to buy it (Amazon, EBay, etc.).

Also, I am a little confused about which channels on the FPV transmitter I should use. I was thinking about getting a Lumenier 250mw 5.8ghz mini transmitter from the FT store. It says it has channels 1-6, but I saw a FliteTest video saying that 0 was the legal one in America. -LightBulb
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Did you get this figured out? To be legal, either the transmitter needs to be certified for ISM band use on the channels it offers, or you need a ham license.
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yeah, i got my call sign for my tech license on sat., nov. 12 :DD
its KC3ICM
But can I now use any band I want? Because, when I was studying, the only bands that were mentioned were the 70 cm bands, 10, 8, 6, and 2 meter bands, and so on...


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5.8GHz is one of the ISM bands and not every channel is available in every country. Channel 0 not being legal in the US is about right. We have similar restrictions in AU.

Some, (mostly third world), countries have no restrictions whatsoever and the ETSI restrictions in Europe are the worst for restrictions.

Sorry for the rant!!