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FTFC: FT-Build-Ruary by FoamyDM


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FTFC: FT-Build-Ruary by FoamyDM - FT X-19

Build Log - FT X-29

The Plans and original Build Log

Here's some base information about the plane:

The Grumman X-29 was an American experimental aircraft that tested a forward-swept wing, canard control surfaces, and other novel aircraft technologies. The X-29 was developed by Grumman, and the two built were flown by NASA and the United States Air Force. The aerodynamic instability of the X-29's airframe required the use of computerized fly-by-wire control. Composite materials were used to control the aeroelastic divergent twisting experienced by forward-swept wings, and to reduce weight. The aircraft first flew in 1984, and two X-29s were flight tested through 1991.

Some Paint/Tape scheme ideas:

FoamyDM Build Log
Build-ruary 6, 2018
After my Weekly D&D, I mounted the X-29 plans to the the foam board. That's a lot of sheets! (7 I think) I have a lot of cutting tomorrow...

Build-Ruary 12, 2018
Great progress over this week.

Next: Control rods, Final test, color and maiden.

Build-Ruary 14, 2018: now in Technicolor

Control Horns and Rods Installed now ready for Color

17-Now in Technicolor.JPG
Look ma, Starscream Colors!

Coming at ya!

Tail detail

Eat my Afterburn!

Here are the planes ready for a maiden run! All I need now is some time and a good day and a/my videographer. :)

Build-Ruary 15, 2018: Weight update
Below is the weight pics: 23-Weight.JPG 24-Weight.JPG

Build-Ruary 15, 2018: Maiden Flight! - Starscream lives to tell the tale!

I have the completed the maiden. It flew very well. the gusting wind made it a bit scarier than it need to be... it did crash, however managed to do it soft enough to effect no/minimal damage. (had to wipe some soft loamy soil from the nose tip.)

I can't wait to try this again in more calm weather. Later


I will also put the on the build page. Now for the post event evaluation...

Build View attachment 102313
This build had 7 sheets of board and a large number of parts. the fuselage and wing are in a number of sections. lining these up isn't always perfect, and pressing some parts into place may cause a failure is the glue isn't solid. That is the primary reason I taped the SNOT out of this plane. also Everything needed to be extended. and the junction spots are the very back of the nose section this is REALLY hard to get at and reconnect. I'm not really sure how my battery lead will be reconnected with out a "maintenance hatch" created.
Rating: Challenging build

Flight View attachment 102314
She flies, and flies well. Two things I noticed. Loops and elevator control is Very limited. so, Either more control surface or larger throws. I will adjust the rods for more throw and see. It flew great slow and better fast. except in a dive. which was slow to come out of. Every one I would think there it goes, I be rebuilding this one later.
Rating:I would have this be a moderate flier. It's very different control rates and slow elevator controls make me feel it might even be hard..

Stop Start Continue
Putting pieces in backwards. Maidening on a gusty day. A couple times I thought this plane was a surefire goner.
More details on the wings attachment would be helpful. I ended up with a large Glue filled gap. Adjust the Elevator controls to get slightly more control, and plan to reduce aileron end points to reduce the relative roll capacity. Put a Velcro strap to keep the battery in place. (however, I think the impact shifting battery does absorb a great deal of energy. and my be what allows me to fly this on Sunday. in the build it would be helpful to show the end result and point out what will be important to not. the recap just before the previous step is complete.
Tuning the controls. I remember they talked about the controls looping being slow, but I didn't expect it to be like it was. robustness. the wings feel VERY solid and it's a good thing. Taping the model took a while but has been worth it.

Note the throttle linked LED ring would be righteous in this model...
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FTFC: FT-Build-Ruary by FoamyDM -Bloody Vampire v2

Build Log for the Bloody Vampire v2

Find the Beta Plans Here

Here's the Wiki:
The de Havilland Vampire is a British jet fighter developed and manufactured by the de Havilland Aircraft Company. Work on the aircraft began during World War II as a largely experimental aircraft suitable for combat that harnessed the groundbreaking innovation of jet propulsion; it was quickly decided to opt for a single-engine, twin-boom aircraft equipped with the Halford H.1 turbojet engine (later produced by de Havilland as the "Goblin") Originally ordered as an experimental aircraft only, the decision to mass-produce the aircraft as an interceptor for the Royal Air Force (RAF) was finalised in May 1944.

In 1946, the first production aircraft entered service with the RAF, only months after the war had ended. The Vampire was the second jet fighter, after the Gloster Meteor, operated by the RAF and the first to be powered by one jet engine. Aside from its propulsion system and twin-boom configuration, it was a relatively conventional aircraft. The Vampire quickly replaced many wartime piston-engine fighter aircraft and was in front-line service until 1953, after which the Vampire was primarily assigned to secondary roles such as pilot training and ground attack, for which specialist variants of the type were produced.

In 1966, the type was retired by the RAF, from its final role as an advanced trainer being replaced by the Folland Gnat. During its service, the Vampire had achieved several aviation firsts and records, including becoming the first jet aircraft to traverse the Atlantic Ocean. It had been sold to many nations and operated in a wide range of environments around the world. Vampires participated in several conflicts, including the Suez Crisis, the Malayan emergency and the Rhodesian Bush War.

Almost 3,300 Vampires were manufactured, a quarter of them built under licence in other countries. The first Royal Navy jet fighter was the Sea Vampire, a naval variant which was operated from its aircraft carriers. The Vampire was developed into the DH.115 dual-seat trainer and the more advanced DH.112 Venom ground-attack and night fighter.

a couple Paint Scheme Ideas:

FoamyDM Build Log

Buildruary 14, 2018

I have taped the paper down and am ready for cutting.
Note: I cut the wing and had to shift it down and over to keep it on the 1 sheet.

Build-Ruary 21st 2018
Beta Build Begins. First step as always is to attache the plans and Cut.. this one cut out in 40 mins.

Putting the fuselage together to see how the hatch/wing interface works. I had to adjust the slots in the bottom of the wing to sit in the correct place. the hatch seems to be a foam thickness to low. so, trimmed it out.

Here is the tail boom. simple glue and fold just don't get stuff in the slot at the elevator.

The wing:
The wing is straight forward. I had to trim out bits to allow for aileron movement. and I scored on the opposite site to allow for the center section to bend up. There are other modifications I will need in there for the EDF to allow for proper air flow.

This picture shows that the tail booms are NOT parallel but slightly kicked out at the tail. this to help keep the plane straight. (like reason landing gear is slightly pigeon toed.

This shows that with a cross piece the hatch lands nicely on the back.

This is a pic with the hatch opened. The design is supposed to have a fuselage side doubler, so I doubled the read section and cut the cross piece at the fuse back to allow for the engine swappable "A" or "F" pod. The A with a 5x3 and a 3S should produce enough trust. This is were I started realizing my plans were falling to peices. because up until this modification, only 45mins passed.

Closeup before I realized - I designed this to take the EDF unit too.

Here it is with the EDF shoe-horned in. nice and close.
7 Engine install (EDF or Pod).JPG

1. Slot for the Power Pod
2. Notch to allow for the 30mm EDF unit
3. This is the doubler... Plans need to include this piece too. it is also used to keep the EDF unit snug in place.
8 Power Pod.JPG

Now the wing is on. Note the notches at the front to allow for solid hatch closure.
9 EDF Installation.JPG

Here is the V1 (foreground) vs the V2 (background)
10 V1 vs V2.JPG

Next Step:
Now I have install the Servos and horns and maiden, first with EDF then with a pusher prop. :)

Build-Ruary 27th
I have the horns in and the rods set except for the front servo... I will glue that servo in tonight and maiden it. I will bring both the A pack and the EDF. This will be tight. It was supposed to rain tomorrow evening. so tonight or lunch tomorrow is all I got.

So here's the maiden video

I will need to correct the Linkage setup as the Ailerons weren't returning back to neutral which I believe caused it to flip over before I could correct for it.

Build - Moderate Build-Challenging.JPG
This still needs a bit of work. - but the Linkages and the Shaving needed for EDF Installation bring this to a moderate complexity build. It has a number of

Fly-Smooth and Basic - but Squirrelly Fly-Basic.JPG
Thei linkage setup was giving an Exponential travel, Which I thought was good. Hover, It think the servo mount was squishy. or not solid...and I never made it solid with reinforcing, just glue, and that caused it to not return exactly to neutral. the 3S battery I think gave it just enough umph to get it to climb, however I won't know until the re-build. I might just redo the exhaust to take the EDF or Prop for the V1 and see where it goes from there....

Stop - Start - Continue
  • Making uneven linkages.
  • Hatch-backs: it's a good idea in theory, however it doesn't pan out.
  • Using 9g Servos] :blackeye:
  • making a replaceable nose-cone version. using a doubler panel as a slide and stiffener
  • tapering the wing in the fuse to allow for better Flow
  • Determine air intake channels.
  • dual engine mounting (EDF and A-POD)
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FTFC: FT-Build-Ruary by FoamyDM - Bloody Kaftei

Build Log for FTFC: FT-Build-Ruary by FoamyDM - Bloody Kaftei

Plans Here:

The Wiki info:The Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet was a German rocket-powered fighter aircraft. Designed by Alexander Lippisch, it is the only rocket-powered fighter aircraft ever to have been operational and the first piloted aircraft of any type to exceed 1000 km/h (621 mph) in level flight. Its design was revolutionary and its performance unprecedented. German test pilot Heini Dittmar in early July 1944 reached 1,130 km/h (700 mph), an unofficial flight airspeed record unmatched by turbojet-powered aircraft for almost a decade. Over 300 aircraft were built, but the Komet proved ineffective in its dedicated role as an interceptor aircraft and was responsible for the destruction of only about nine to eighteen Allied aircraft against ten losses.[2][3] Aside from combat losses many pilots were killed during testing and training

FoamyDM Build Log

Started this Last night at 11:50 after spending too long futzing with power packs (EDF, A, Fs, and looking for the Prop saver collar for the B) After Fitting an A to the Vampire I realized the elevator Control rod is in the way... so, I will have to relocate it.

1 BK-Ready.JPG
Plans Taped down and ready for Cutting.

2 BK-CuttingAftermath.JPG
Finished Cutting and ready to tidy up

3 BK-CutOut.JPG
All cut now, so What Taping scheme to choose...

4-BK Belly.JPG
Now for adding some belly "paint" (tape).
5-BK Paint.JPG
Taping Finished. The camo is done with two layers of Green. The dots with silver and grey crayon with pencil dark spots.
6-BK Assemble.JPG
Assembly complete

7-BK Innards.JPG
and hooking up the electronics. oops, forgot I need a power pod. Once that's in, I am ready to GO!
Build-Ruary 14, 2018:

Below are weight measurements. Second is with the battery:
8-Weight.JPG 9 AllUpWeight.JPG

Build-Ruary 15, 2018: Maidened
So I got this in the air. Here's the video... Shows how it went. I tried some more with similar results. It will fly. but I'm not excited about is yet. could be cg was off. (and the gusting made it hard to tell.)

Maiden Video:

I think the battery slipped and it went tail heavy, but the gusts were really throwing it around. Calm day, different battery = better second attempt. I'll post it here if it goes different.

BUILD: Build-Basic.JPG
straight forward, fun and quick.

FLY: Fly-Sketchy.JPG
This was sketchy for me. I will keep trying, if I figure it out why I will change this. it's an elevon control, which couldn't be easier.

Build-Ruary 24th
Attempted another go at stable flight... nope. got squirrely. It started to flutter about and tumble about 1s in. :(
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FTFC - FT-Build-Ruary: Flying Pancake

Build Log for FTFC - FT-Build-Ruary: FTFC - WWII Design & Build: Flying Pancake, by SPONZ and Local Fiend

Plans Here

XF5U Flying Flapjack wiki:
The Vought XF5U "Flying Flapjack" was an experimental U.S. Navy fighter aircraft designed by Charles H. Zimmerman for Vought during World War II. This unorthodox design consisted of a flat, somewhat disc-shaped body (hence its name) serving as the lifting surface.[1] Two piston engines buried in the body drove propellers located on the leading edge at the wingtips.


FoamyDM Build Log

Pancakes! Who Want's Pancakes! - Build-ruary 24-25, 2018
I had a number of my plans change this weekend, for the better in general, however, game night on Friday left for a very late night on Saturday cutting,
1 Cut - 3hrs.JPG
2. Smallbits scrap pile.JPG

Anyone remember that Spin doctors song? What time is it?
3 SpinDoctors.JPG
It was all good, as I got to have a good long chat with a great friend while I cut.

Assemblage on Sunday was slow and interrupted... I love the progress I'm making with it.
4 Some Assembly Reqd.JPG
5 Grid Assembly.JPG
All these pieces...
6 Grid Assembly 2.JPG
...Fit together like a glove
7 Skin Layout.JPG
Taping takes such a god-awful amount of time, but best done before-hand. And I love how it looks when complete...
8 Making Slow Progress - Tape first.JPG
...still working on that.

As far as schemes... maybe I do it with a Philly team logos. like flyers on top and eagles on the bottom...

Finishing and flying in 3 work-filled days will be VERY difficult. There is a good number of things to tackle with this beast. It makes me doubt if I can get there.

So now I have a choice... Cut and build the black widow, or chug-a-lug on this knowing I will be lucky to complete it before month's end. although I think I have a color scheme I can get behind.

Build-raury the 27th.

Two nights left. It feels like I did nothing. but I know I taped like the wind.
9 Getting more peices ready.JPG

Build-raury the 28th.
I decided Late the 27th to try and do what I could with the Bloody Black Widow
Bloody Black Widow Detailed Build Log here. Abbreviated below:

Take Away
Ratings: Build Moderate Build-Moderate.JPG
The wing, booms and tail are pretty standard build, however, The Fuselage has a number of twists and turns which might trip up a builder on their 3rd of 4th build.
But everything but the booms went together as expected.
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Drinker of coffee, Maker of things
Dude, i am totally stealing that skyfire scheme whenever i do my x-29. I was thinking of looking up robotech ships for color ideas, but that is pretty awesome.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
So after D&D last night, I taped all the sheets of the X-29 down to the foam board for cutting. Tonight it's cutting time. I can't wait to get it started.



Building Fool-Flying Noob
Thanks Daniel Kezar!

Go to the Bloody WWII Baby page, pick 4 and join in. They all use an A-F pack and mostly 2 servos each.

Get building. Each one takes... 1 hr to cut and build. 1/2 to wire up and depending on how crazy simple you want, not long to tape/color. 1-3 hrs to ready for maiden. Not bad.

If you have a stalled project, start now and join Next month's March Madness (see Signature).

With the folks here, there is no shame in trying and missing the mark, you have everything to gain.It's so much fun! :applause:

Daniel Kezar

Ultimate Cheap Skate
Thanks Daniel Kezar!

Go to the Bloody WWII Baby page, pick 4 and join in. They all use an A-F pack and mostly 2 servos each.

Get building. Each one takes... 1 hr to cut and build. 1/2 to wire up and depending on how crazy simple you want, not long to tape/color. 1-3 hrs to ready for maiden. Not bad.

If you have a stalled project, start now and join Next month's March Madness (see Signature).

With the folks here, there is no shame in trying and missing the mark, you have everything to gain.It's so much fun! :applause:
so i pick 4 designs and build them? cool. i dont have any A or F packs so maybe if i enlarged them to maybe 125% or 150% i could use my power pack B.

what is this march madness? build something crazy?


Building Fool-Flying Noob
Ask and ye shall Recieve!

Ask and Ye Shall Receive!
Here it is with maybe 1 more day of work (taping it right will take some time.) I have the control horn and rods to put in.

Maybe I will abondon the Starscream and go with Skywarp