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Help Needed with custom brushed micro setup

My intial question:

How do i get my motors to react to my stick movements?:confused:

This may be a long shot but i was wondering if someone could help me trouble shoot this last problem i have before i can get my brushed micro in the air.
I am using Flysksy FS-i6 with a flysky receiver, they have been bound already, and i have gotten cleanflight to recognize my fc/transmitter/motors.
My problem is that when the battery is plugged into the quad the motors do not respond to any stick movement. Now i have figured that this could be an arming issue considering cleanflight recognizes all of my stick movements.

So its either a problem with the receiver->flight controller communication or
i dont know how to arm my quad with my transmitter.

On my transmitter i have adjusted my aux 5 and 6 channels to be SwD and SwC accordingly. I was attempting to arm
my quad using the SwD switch and my flight modes with SwC of course.

Here i will attach images of my cleanflight settings, everything seems right although my adjustments tab
has been untouched.

Here are the links to the flight controller and receiver being used:

Flight Controller:


Flysky receiver:


View attachment 102244

If anyone can help me with this, i would greatly appreciate it.
River Camacho



Gravity Tester
Good to hear. Do you mind sharing what you did to fix the problem so that others with the same issue may benefit?