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Hight challenge


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Fly a plane has to be electric as high as you can only using 1 motor 1 battery 4ch and must take off and land safely.

Fpv can be used.

Good luck:cool:


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Of course this requires ignoring the AMA rules and possibly FAA suggestions as well depending on location, not that I support the AMA in any form or fashion. However, It might possible to do this in "FAA Uncontrolled Airspace" like my location.

Do what you want with your own planes but there are a few things most likely better keep on the dl....now i'm just going to walk away and want everyone to forget the fact i was ever here.


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The rules are different for all of us. Best to try to look up what applies to you and your locale. But if you want to give it a shot, just please do it in a safe manner so you don't put anyone at risk.


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New Zealand has much stricter rules about flying than most. Your model flying association is quite strict (and grumpy too) from what I have learned watching RC Model Reviews and XJet. Bruce is a hoot.


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Umm, I probably broke the rules then.

I twice went for a max duration flight using a sailplane equipped with a long range radio to allow smoother flights at higher altitude.Note this is only under certain conditions, and using a rough method of angles, trig, and timers we determined that the aircraft exceeded 1500 feet AGL, or 7500 feet MSL.

This is done with a spotter, as well as a "the plane is expendable" attitude. Aka, if anything appears on the horizon, the plane dives to ground level and lands. This is not, I realize, following the AMA suggestion that aircraft be kept below 400 feet AGL, but it was also not in the vicinity of an airport. The nearest is approximately 15 miles away.

It was fun, but after the first dive, I quit, and do not plan on trying a high altitude duration flight again.