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# If possible Video your efforts at flying because you can then examine the flight to see what the plane was doing and how it was responding OR NOT as the case may be.

# Use the forum mentors as a sounding board to assist you in analyzing flight problems and possibly even setup or piloting errors. Trying to fault find on your own with limited knowledge can result in much frustration AND WRONG diagnoses.

# If you do not understand the advice given ask for an explanation. Often the original advice given was correct but ignored because it was not fully understood until much later when the learning caught up with the explanation!

# Use a good and modern radio system. A good radio can make a poor pilot look good and a bad radio system can make an expert look like a very poor pilot! There are plenty of good radios available and some are quite inexpensive! Also learn how to setup your radio properly.

# Follow recommended settings for the FT planes you build. More control deflection does not improve performance!

# Be patient and if possible start at the beginning! Trying to learn on a warbird or similar performance model can add time to your learning to fly and lots of frustrating repairs and rebuilds.

# There is NO post of SHAME on the forum! We have all crashed models and most if not all of us still do, even the so called experts! Remember the forum is here to help you get in the air and stay there hopefully at the lowest possible cost!