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# If possible Video your efforts at flying because you can then examine the flight to see what the plane was doing and how it was responding OR NOT as the case may be.

# Use the forum mentors as a sounding board to assist you in analyzing flight problems and possibly even setup or piloting errors. Trying to fault find on your own with limited knowledge can result in much frustration AND WRONG diagnoses.

# If you do not understand the advice given ask for an explanation. Often the original advice given was correct but ignored because it was not fully understood until much later when the learning caught up with the explanation!

# Use a good and modern radio system. A good radio can make a poor pilot look good and a bad radio system can make an expert look like a very poor pilot! There are plenty of good radios available and some are quite inexpensive! Also learn how to setup your radio properly.

# Follow recommended settings for the FT planes you build. More control deflection does not improve performance!

# Be patient and if possible start at the beginning! Trying to learn on a warbird or similar performance model can add time to your learning to fly and lots of frustrating repairs and rebuilds.

# There is NO post of SHAME on the forum! We have all crashed models and most if not all of us still do, even the so called experts! Remember the forum is here to help you get in the air and stay there hopefully at the lowest possible cost!


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I was already in the middle of writing up on my last practice session when I got a lot of alerts telling me that you guys like my content. I was shocked, deleted everything that I wrote, paused for a second and am still thinking what to write.

@PoorManRC thank you for your kind words. I am sure you too will have a quick progress if you have time and the means to get the electronics required. A few tips from me for you to take on your journey. Dare, don’t be afraid to try and fail that only builds success. Remember that every failure is a lesson learned for the future. Use your common sense, I am sure you’ve gone through a few things in your life and know when things don’t feel right. Don’t push your luck when things don’t work well or don’t seem to work like they should. Instead stop, think, ask, then try to fix things and try again. Film your flying sessions a lot of members will be able to give you a ton of inputs about it. And remember the most important thing and repeat after me “Build, Fly, Crash, Repeat!”. The more you do this the better you get at everything.

Alright well enough with my bla bla. You asked how was my practice session, so let me tell you about it. It was the prefect winter day weather for flying sunny but not hot, with a 3-5 km/hr wind. There were a few days with no rain before so the field wasn’t muddy like in previous times that I went. I had some problems with the GoPro which was bumming but managed to find a solution that I was able to live with. Check out the practice session.

I wasn’t able to go flying since then because the weather changed and I was packed with night shifts at work, sleeping through most of the day after each shift. Lucky my night shifts were quite calm and I managed to use them to fix broken models as well as build new ones. Over the last two night shifts I managed to finish building the Mighty Mini Arrow.

View attachment 118649 View attachment 118650 View attachment 118651 View attachment 118652

And the Mighty Mini Sparrow.
View attachment 118653 View attachment 118654 View attachment 118655 View attachment 118656

Still missing a few things missing like the electronics and a few other things. I’ll finish these off when my orders with the electronics come through. Just started another night shift, what’s the plan for tonight? Well tonight I am taking it on the calm side. I’ll be creating new plans for some planes that I want to build and be able to rebuild. What planes? The three musketeers, the Alpha, Bravo and Charlie...

See ya soon.
Remember this build? Haven't flown it ever since I've built it up until 3 days ago. Check out the details here: The Second Part of my Journey - The Diary.

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Looking forward to seeing how you get on. I saw your first post with the cub and I'm glad you're trying a different model. In my opinion the cub is quite squirrelly and not well suited for a first model.
I know this is an old post, but I can’t help totally agreeing with you. I tried the cub at first, but after a LOT of crashed a friend buddy-boxed me on his radian and that made it click. I scratched the cub idea and build the old speedster, mainly because I thought it looked cool. I also built the simple soarer after flying the guys radian because the glider was so easy to fly. I went to maiden my soarer, and that went... well... pretty bad. I wanted to fly right then so I went home and grabbed my old speedster, pretty doubtful because there was snow on the ground and this was just normal dtfb. I decided to go for it, and I was flying, just like that! I still crashed, but not at all like I did with the cub. I have since built a cub and with the crazy throws I gave it and the power pack c on 3s, it’s a fun plane, but advanced for sure!