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How to put the Naze32 into horizon mode in CleanFlight

Hi everyone i just bought the new Versacopter, and i have the naze32 inside for the FC, but when i go to fly it it takes off and flips backwards. I have read a ton of forms saying to set up the naze32 into horizon mode instead of acro mode, but i can't find the setting to do that. I have already programmed my esc, checked all of my motors countless times, also i held the copter firmly in my hand, armed it, and slowly turned up the throttle, when i rotated the copter all of the motors stayed at the same rate instead of compensating for the rotation. also i am using cleanflight 1.0.0, the one with the new looking interface.
Im leaning toward board orientation being setup correctly. Does the quad animation in cleanflight match the movements of your quad when you move it by hand? And did you calibrate it so the animation is level when your quad is level?

But to answer your question...go to the modes tab and find horizon. Then set up some parameters. I like have having them tied to an aux switch.
when i move the quad in my hands with the battery plugged in or not the 3d model does not move for some reason also i didnt see any Horizon in the modes area Screenshot (44).png
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You humble me sir, I was only able to get this far due to the hardwork of others much smarter than I who were kind enough to share their knowledge on the Internet. In other words, glad I could help;)