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Innaviation Youtube channel - I crashed my first FPV quad


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Hey everyone,

I've been posting videos on a Youtube channel called Innaviation for about a month now and I finally realized there's a section on the forums for videos, so...

I post weekly videos about rc related topics mostly dealing with innovations in the field of rc. I hope to make this content as engaging as possible so that learning how to innovate with rc airplanes is easy and intuitive.

I also want to make some videos just for the fun of trying out new ideas on rc aircraft. I'm even hoping to do some 4th of July themed videos pretty soon.

The forums have always been a great place to hangout with other pilots and I'm excited to share this new chapter of my rc experience with you all

Please feel free to give any video Ideas, comments and feedback. Subscribe for more videos!

Starting a new series in the Innaviation youtube channel. I wanted to do a sort of vlog but decided against that. Instead I'm doing a Flog which is a mixture of Vlog and Flying. So from now on I will be posting a weekly Flog on something I flew that week.
Tell me what you think
Continuing with the past 2 videos, here is the third and final video for an RC plane with sparklers.

In this video we flew the plane with sparklers and even got some cool long exposure shots!