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KK2 order problem


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I am a 12 year old boy and I am trying to make my first quad copter (SK450). I have already assembled most of the thing. I am using a KK2 flight controller and I am having some trouble figuring out which order to put the ESCs and the receiver on the board. The manual says to put through motor one to four in the right order. As you can see I am a complete beginner. Here are the things I am using. kk2 board (obviously),turnigy plush 25ammp ESCs, and the FR SKY
D8R-II plus receiver.


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Here is a video of a full setup of a tricopter. At about 26 minutes in he starts going over hooking up the board. He talks about servo setup where you will not need to know any of that since the quad will not use a servo as yaw control. You'll just need to follow the diagram on the KK2 as to which motor is number 1, etc. Most multi's have motor one as the forward left and the motor count then goes around clockwise.
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