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Long EZ - FT Style

Jpot1 & Co - See below for the maiden videos. This thing is a rocket and a lot of fun to fly. No design changes necessary!

Will need to practice my launch technique... serious pucker factor.



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Jpot1 & Co - See below for the maiden videos. This thing is a rocket and a lot of fun to fly. No design changes necessary!

Will need to practice my launch technique... serious pucker factor.
AWESOME! You made my day. Looks like it does pretty well. Did you end up increasing the size of the elevons? What rates/expo did you use?

Having someone else build / fly your design is just fantastic. I really need the weather in NJ to warm up soon.

Thanks! Jason (jpot1)
The maths:

Flight weight w/ 1300mAh 3s Tattu battery: 339 g
CG: 1.25” back from leading edge of the main wing
Expo: 45%
Dual Rate: 100%
Emax 2204-2300kv
6x4.5R QProp
12A BLHeli Esc
5g Emax Servos
Spektrum AR400 Receiver
DX-6e Transmitter
DC Fix Contact Paper Decals

Hope you guys enjoyed the maiden as much as I did! -A.J.
Set-up help with Long EZ

Hi Airplane James
Could you post a few photos of the battery position in your Long EZ and if possible a side shot of the model balanced on the CofG so that we can get an idea of the balance.
Many thanks

Brit Long EZ.jpeg

Brit Long EZ side view.jpeg


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Although @AirplaneJames got this to fly, @FlyingCurry and I had a lot of problems getting this to fly so I decided to change things up. I’m increasing the size a bit and also increasing the chord which will no longer keep this scale. To keep this version simpler I’m going with a KFM2 wing. Looking at about a 38” span.

Question I have is that the fuse will be 3” wide after scaling up. That means 17.5” of the wing sticking out of the fuse. With the KFM2 glued on top do you think I will need a spar of some sort embedded?


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Build started. I think the KFM2 wing is going to be too flimsy even with the spar. Will keep building this to figure out CG and improve the plans for the next iteration where I think I’ll go back to a foldover wing.



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When you have finished doing you evaluation of the iteration I suggest that you try adding a few cuts in the wing FB along the wings spanwise and following the line of the wings. Into these suggested knife cuts fit some glue covered balsa strips, (cut to cut depth from 1mm Balsa sheet).

If you use a clear liquid foam safe glue, (Craft glue), you will find that when dry the wing strength will be phenomenal. A strip of cloth tape along the LE and you will have a very robust and damage resistant design!

Just what works for me!

Have fun!


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Hi J, just seen this awesome design. I was at first disappointed in the size but now i see you are scaling up. The KFm2 will hold up, as i have done a few planes 55-60" wingspans this way.


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Great suggestion Hai-Lee, I may give that a shot. @jamboree1 had to find something else to build while I wait for you to finish the a-10.

Put everything into a canard CG calculator and compared that to a recent FB post by another guy that successfully built this off of purchased plans. His CG looks to be much further forward than the calculator. Going to build without the electronics and give it a throw to figure out what works best.

If that looks good planning for a 2200kv 50g motor with 6x4 and hopefully a 1300 3s will balance it.


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Thanks FlyingCurry - I was debating on how to model it - with or without the leading edge extensions and with or without the body. Your CG location matches with what another person used on FB. Basically extend the leading edge of the main portion of the wing and where they meet is the CG.

Fingers crossed that the larger wings and lower wing loading help.