Micro size Long EZ

Micro size Long EZ 1.1

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CraftyPilot submitted a new resource:

Micro size Long EZ - Small but powerfull parkflyer

This is my take on the classic Long EZ but in a small size.
It has a wingspan of 560mm and should weigh about 100g including battery and electronics.
It's not a beginner build and will take some effort to trim and fly.
There is not build video as the small amount of parts shouldn't be too hard to piece together.

You'll need:
3/4 sheet of foamboard
2x 5g servo
1x 1306 4000KV motor or similar
1x 10A ESC w/BEC
1x small receiver
1x prop 4x4in / 5x3in
1x 350mAh 2s LiPo
1x 1x5x300mm carbon...

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