Missing Some Key Components


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I had a blast at the first Flite Fest in Florida. I brought my Eachine Goggles Two so I could experience my first race the right way. I loved the feeling of a 5 inch quad over my Tiny Whoops. I'm ahead of the game in that I've already got a TBS Tango, goggles, an original Chameleon frame, Armattan 20A ESCs, and RaceStar motors. I picked up a TS100 and all the tools I needed to build my quad before I was let go from my job. I'm currently in preproduction of a mobile game and as such have no real income. Since I already have the bulk of my supplies I was hoping that one, or a few of you beautiful people, could assist in getting me into the air with a real acro quad. I'm in need of a FC, PDB (or combined with FC), VTX, Camera (16:9 over 4:3), and Receiver (preferably FrSky). I'm pretty sure I burned out my JR Module when I dove head first into all the sims, I knew that not having an antenna on the VTX was bad but totally overlooked the connection with a TX. So, I'm still gonna need to pick up a JR Module, Props, and Batteries, but I feel like I'm already asking for so much. Thanks for reading my long post and any help you may be able to offer to get me off the ground.