My dad has gone a little crazy


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My dad has been flying RC ever since I was a kid. When I first told him about FT builds with foam board and hot glue, he gave me a look of disbelief. But he went ahead and downloaded the plans and built the Storch and became addicted. That was back in July. Look at his shop now, all but one is a FT Plane, and the one that isn’t is still a foam board plane. He hasn’t even flown all of them yet, but every single one of this ready to fly! I think I have made a convert.

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Hi Everyone:
As a father of two sons , we started five years ago in this hobby(obsession). We built Ft planes and each of us purchased a Super Cub, Sportster Acro and a Yak high wing. Fast forward to today, we still build FT planes, but now have Radian XL 2.9, Cessna Carbon Z 2.1m, three FT wings, three FT sportsters, A Waco Balsa Biplane converted from nitro to electric, and two 210 mm quads.My wife knows me and my boys are crazy. I would have never believed I would be hip deep in this hobby!