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Hello all, new guy here and still wrapping my head around all that is brushless. I'm building a plane and bought a Turnigy G25 (710Kv) motor for it. My question is about which battery to use with it; 3s or 4s. I want to use the 4s and reap the full potential of the motor but I'm concerned about damaging it. I understand that more Vs equal more RPM (and more torque) but I was caught off guard by the specs on Hobbyking's website for the motor. It recommends either 3 or 4s but under the 'Product Config Table' it says the max Voltage is 15. My question is, 'wouldn't a fully charged 4s pump out more than 15 volts and risk damaging the motor and/or ESC (I'm running a 60A ESC)? I understnad 3.7V x 4s = 14.8v but isn't that just nominal? Would I have to stop the battery charge at 15 for the whole pack if I used a 4s?

What am I missing?


Old age member
The specs are just nominal. 4s are fine with the G25.
Take care not to get a to big prop and more than specified current (amps).