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Phoenix 2000 - Motorization

I just noticed that i have 4 servos spare, 30A Esc, 1 motor and 1 receiver ....

this kit at Hobby King is costing 49 + shipping thinking on getting it to do some thermals and slope soaring ...

can you guys check if this Motor will be sufficient ?? or too weak ? i dont want it too powerful just enough power to put me in the air ...

FC 28-12 Brushless Outrunner 1534kv PRODUCT ID: FC2812


Senior Member
If you are talking about that 2meter plane......
I'd say no. No because the plane's flying weight is almost 1kg and the motor pulls 780 grams. Also the recommended motor has less kV than this one, meaning it runs a bigger prop. With this small prop the fuselage may be blocking the air coming out of the propeller and lowering the thrust. Though I don't have enough experience and may be wrong


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Its a really nice model and very long flight times are possible with it. I need to order a motor for mine too. I have the stock one but it seems to heat up very easily.
I think your correct. I don't know if that bell type will work though. It looks like the front was designed for the standard out-runner. I don't think it needs a ton of power. Just enough to keep out of trouble and get you up where the thermals are.