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Piper Cub J-3 Build Log


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Has she flown again?
Yeah! But I had the same problem everytime I had to land it, and also it needed a lot of trim in the elevator. Eventually, the firewall broke in half (it's repaired now). It took me a while to realize that it's tailheavy. I'm using the smallest of the recommended batteries (2200mah 3S), but the instructions say that center of gravity is correct. Next time I'll put some weight in the nose. It was easier to repair than a foamboard airplane, though, I just had to put everything together and glue it. I used a stronger type of glue for the firewall to make sure it doesn't break again.

Edit: Also, I replaced the wingspar for a stronger one. In the first crash (it wasn't a hard impact), it broke. Not only it's hollow, but also I think it's not even made of carbon fiber.