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Q100 build - DX6 throttle issue!!!

Hay ladies and gents!!!!

I'm new to the hobby, and decided to grab a TX, goggles, and start my first build. (post tiny whoop, I started there)

I built the Q100 kit, no issues. Get it bound to my DX6 and hooked everything up in clean flight. Everything seems perfect, my DX6 is showing the right information when I move my sticks. And I even test the motors in clean flight. All of which are spinning correctly and working great...... In Clean flight.

And Now for the issue. when I disconnect from clean flight and try to fly with my DX6 i get no throttle response. Not a single prop spins up when I move the stick up. go through the net for the last 2 days to find anything that could help with no luck. Best I have come up with is small mutterings about how clean flight and the DX6 don't like each other.

Here is a link to a build video that was put out by hobbymate about the kit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZ0ARo5yE8w

Thanks for any help and or information you guys have. Love the hobby and hope to get this sorted. :cool:


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So . . . Have you armed the quad?

It's a step some beginning pilots miss. When the quad first powers up the motors are disarmed until it receives a command to arm them -- it's a safety feature If you haven't assigned the "ARM" mode to one of your transmitter switches, the default is "minimum Throttle, Maximum Rudder" -- left stick to the bottom right on Mode 2 radios.
Yup setup the arm and even tried the left stick bottom right and bottom left since I needed to reverse some of the controls.

Something some one said to me at the office today. I hit the reset button in clean flight and he said that will clear all of my boards settings ? and jack up the FC? He said I would need to find a profile and or "dump" for my "Kingkong NZ32 Micro Brushed Flight Control Board". Did I inadvertently break my FC?


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Are you sure you got a successful bind from the transmitter? Also bind to another receiver and make sure the radio is good. I'm 2 for 2 on sending my DX6 radios back for repair.

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Did you assign a throttle cut switch? I have this instead of left stick arming. If you followed instructions from somewhere they might have stepped you through arming the quad on a switch.