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QAV 250 qaudcopter


Senior Member
You need to know that that is with 95% certainty _not_ a qav250 frame. Most likely a knock off, built cheaper with carbon/glass mix instead of pure carbon. That said, it's not a bad deal, the motors, esc's and FC should be fine, and to get everything in one place is nice.

I do worry about getting replacement arms though, are they available? Banggood aren't exactly fast with regards to shipping, so if you end up waiting for arms that can be a pain. For that reason I might consider getting zmr250 frame instead, they are so common now, that arms can be found everywhere. This looks like a proprietary design (real qav250's don't have replaceable arms, they are part of the fram), so finding arms can be a pain, and they tend to break if they are not real carbon fiber.

I have heard good things about these frames, which are based on the zmr250:

The only thing is that the battery and charger are not the best. The 2200 battery is kind of heavy for a 250, a 1300-1500 is better. The charger probably works, but you will want to get a better charger shortly, as well as more batteries.

The kit includes a deans connector, I would get XT60's instead.


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Yeah, that is basically the Nighthawk pro/Emax 250 all carbon frame.

it's a good frame, unlike the original QAV it does not have a built in PDB with all the extras in the bottom plate though.
oke thanks, think I will do that then with the xt60 connectors. I saw that you can order replacement arms so that's ok, I don't worry about the shipping time because I am never in a hurry ;p. yeah I tought about getting another charger because this is a really simple one. I don't worry to much about the battery I am not going to race it and if it gets in the way I'll buy the one you suggested. thanks for the fast reply :)