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Quadcopter won't lift

Hello guys, I just bought my first quadcopter, an Eachine Falcon 180 RTF with Naze32 FC from Banggood, and I have a problem. I mounted on the props correctly and the motors are spinning but it won't lift off the ground. I tried everything but nothing seems to fix this problem and now I don't know what to do. I am new to quadcopters so i really need help. Thanks.


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First of all, seeing you are new to the forum I just want to say hello and welcome to a forum where the population enjoyes comaraderie and helping others succeed in the hobby. Would you then be so kind as to introduce yourself to the forum with a few details about yourself like where in the world you will fly and what brought you to the hobby.

As for your non-liftoff issue. Aircraft fly when lift exceeds weight. For fixed wings planes lift is generated by air over the wings. With rotary aircraft (helicopters and multirotors) the lift is generated by the spinning props. So to help you diagnose the problem the forum will need to know a few things.
1. Do you know how to tell which direction a prop should spin by looking at it?
2. If so do your motors spins the props in the correct direction. Quads normally have 2 motors spinning CW and the other 2 CCW and the pattern is in an X.
3. Does the motors seem to be spinning fast enough? Are they spinning very slowly?

If you need to check these, be careful and remove the props. 4 spinning ginsu knives are not the surprise anyone wants flying toward any body parts or funishings.

Welcome to the forum.
Thank you for your reply.
Yes I know how to tell the direction of a propeller and the motors spin the props in the correct direction. The motors seem to be fast enough, I also calibrated them with Cleanflight, but the quad does not fly, it just moves forward with full throttle and it gets up in the front if I move the elevator stick all the way down.
Ok, i did two videos to show you what I'm talking about.
As you can see if I give full throttle fast it gets up only in the front, but if I do it slowly it does nothing.
I took a photo too so you can check if the props are in the correct direction.


I hope that you can help me find the problem here.


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Hard to tell from the vid, but will you confirm prop rotation ?

Looking down from top, black props clockwise, green props counter clockwise.


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I'm only seeing 1 video, not 2.

Videos can be deceiving but it does seem that just one of those black props (the one next to the battery) is spinning CCW.

Is the battery on the front or rear of your quad?
Yes, i edited the videos with movie maker to make only 1 video.
The battery is on the back of the quad.
The props are spinning as in this pic.
2017-04-03 17.30.56.jpg


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And the numbers on the props are facing up, correct?

Sorry if this seems very elementary, but it's just acting so odd.


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I don't know about you guys but them motors seem to be spinning awful slow to me. Not sure if they are too low kv and won't spin fast enough or that they are too high kv and they can't move the weight of them props correctly. Full throttle them motors should be screaming. AS it is they don't even sound as fast as the ones on my runner 250 with lite props on it.

Could the OP please post what size motors these are, what size esc's, and total weight of the quad for us and what size and brand batteries used.


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They sound like they're not just putzing around. I would expect more movement than I am seeing. What is the weight of your machine anyway?
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Ok guys, the problem was that the battery was dead, so I bought a new one and now everything is working fine. Thank you so much for your help. :D