Receiver (and transmitter) for FT Flyer? Receiver and battery problem



I recently ordered the necessary components to build a FT Flyer from HobbyKing. As I live in the Netherlands, I ordered everything from the HobbyKing warehouse in the Netherlands (cheap shipping). However, there were no cheap transmitters and/or receivers in stock.
Coming weekend I am going to visit a local hobbyshop, where I am planning to buy the DX6i (which I can use for my future planes), and a AR400, because it's the least expensive Spektrum receiver I could find (4 CH). However, when I got my parcel today, I noticed the recommended Turnigy 500mah 3S 11.1V battery has a different connecting cable than my Super Sub S.
I don't know what the connector type is called, but here is a link:

Does anyone know if this connector is compatible with the AR400? Or do you maybe know another good receiver and transmitter for the FT Flyer? The Spektrum ones are kind of expensive.....

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The battery doesn't connect to your receiver, it connects to the esc. Just put a new connector on the battery to match the esc.


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You don't connect the battery to the receiver, it goes to the esc and the esc powers the receiver (if the esc got a 5v out, a BEC), if the connector on the battery doesn't fit your esc then you can get a adaptor or just cut it away and solder on the right one, you should be able to get connectors from your hobby shop.