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Share your flitetest versa wing setup (aka specs)

What is your setup for the Flite test versa wing? (especially intressted in servos)
so i made a Flite test versa wing a while ago and started as a tractor, wasnt very impressed so moved to a pusher with 200 watts of power. Was very impressed. I did not have enough up elevator tho... Today i installed a 700 watt setup. - 2200 kv - 6x4 prop - 60 amp esc. - 2x 2200 mah 4s lipo in parralel
The thing was balastic! however i think my little 9 gram servos needs to be replaced by something bigger..
so thats why i would like to know "What is your setup for the Flite test versa wing? (especially intressted in servos)"
I can post pictures of my setup if your interrested.
I've build a tractor version and it flies wonderful! It has a lot of speed, but if needed, I can do slow flights too. I have quick responses of my servo's, which makes it sometimes difficult to manoeuvre during high speeds. But once I’ve set the expo and D/R, it was a joy to fly. The only thing I'm personally lacking is the fact you don't have a rudder.

My setup:
- 27A motor, 1130kv, 80gr (DYMOND GTX-3528)
- 30A ESC
- 9 x 6 inch prop
- 3s 2400mA battery (it let me fly more than 20min.)
- 9gr eFlight servo’s (I had some spare once from my blade400 helicopter, but any digital metal-gear servo’s would do I guess)