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The Aero L-39 ... Next scratchbuild



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Those square ones would add a lot of drag also. Usually I just lamented a few layers of foam together (no paper) and then did the same thing you did with the balsa.
Yes, your decision to do that informed mine. I tried laminating some de-papered foamboard together with a little gorilla glue bit it looked dreadful. The balsa being a bit harder was easier to work with. I'm okay with the couple of grams added weight for the result.
I have 1300mAh 4S batteries which arrived today, so I have an L-39 Jet maiden to do, I have an AR mini wing to re-maiden, I have much more flying of the FT Spitfire, the Mini Talon and the FT X-29 to do...... blooming weather :(
Long range forecast says I will have to wait till early March !!!
Just SO UNFAIR!!!!
Plenty of time to give it an awesome paint scheme :D