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Twin Twirl Scratch Build


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Did you love the Twin Twirl Review? Well your in luck! In this episode of Flite Test Josh Bixler walks us through, step-by-step, on how to build the Twin Twirl! Although it may be a tad bit intimidating to build, Josh simplifies is easy steps, while giving you some added tips along the way! Watch this episode to see more.


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I have a question. How much does it weight?
So i can see what motor i can put in that plane.
I want to congratulate you guys for this time you give to everyone, and you always have someone in Argentina giving you some support, haha.
I built the kit version from Lightflite in New York. It's fun to do high alpha flying and flips... that's about all you can do with it in the aerobatics department. It's a very good plane for a beginner though.


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I started mine. It is a mixture of Depron, white and pink foam board and a teeny bit of balsa. I have a motor and some 1000mah 3s batteries. I think it will be a treat! one photo is getting the wing perfectly aligned and the other is with the elevator on.



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Ok here is a different type of question. Can you change this to an elevator and aileron set up? Like cut a set of controls out of the wing and mount the servo so the arm moves the ailerons the right way?

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Fly the wings off
I don't think it would be very successful. The reason ailerons work is they change the shape of the wing and alter the lift created on each side. Since the rotors are doing the lifting you might get some effect from the "wing" but I don't think it would be much. You would have to effect the lift from the rotors. If it were a single rotor you could add a tilt like a normal gyrocopter but the twin rotors make it difficult.


I'm a care bear...Really?
Just got home from work and on the way home took the twirl out for its maden. It's even cooler in person to see it fly. Need to make the rudder linkage longer. I had no right turn. Was flying great till I turned too hard and instead of pulling back and straight I kept it to the left and rolled it over into the ground and snapped a prop. I guess it's time to either invest in $50 bucks worth of props or find a 9" folding prop so I stop snapping them when I slam into the ground.