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What's going on with the FTCA?


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Why is this excellent video not out on the ftca YouTube channel, why did I have to stumble across it here. This to me has been the most encouraging bit of information so far. Maybe my navigation on the web somehow has hidden things from me that everyone else seems to have found already?
It is not a Flite Test vid. It's from Josh Bardwell.


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I think it bears mentioning that we ARE the FTCA. One of the reasons for signing up for the FTCA, was that we should want to represent the model aviation community to the rest of the general public. We don't need to wait for the crew at Edgewater to discuss ideas for how we can do that, and I genuinely believe that, if we initiate discussions here on how we can do that, we'll also foster more activity here in the group.

We all know our own home areas, and likely have some ideas for how we can promote the hobby in a positive way in our communities. If we always wait for someone else to get the ball rolling, though, we'll spend way too much time just twiddling our thumbs.


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I watched the Josh Bardwell interview with the FTCA and FPVFC about their approval as a CBO. I'm interested in how the FRIA process will work out. I'll be right there to submit my yard as a FRIA as Josh mentioned several times. I hope to get the local park established as well, but I realize that will require coordination with the county. I thank Josh, Lee, and the team at the FTCA for doing the hard work of attempting to work within the system to correct the bureaucratic overreach.