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Amazing job Ben!! I have always loved the F-16 and you have made amazing one. I do have a couple of questions. The first one is I really would like to build one, but I'm still new to jets so how does it fly? The reason I ask this is because I designed my own f-16 and it flew but if your turned it a certain way it spiraled to the ground. Now I don't know if thats just my design or thats how all jets fly. My next question is I can't afford an EDF but I do have a C power pack laying around what do you think? Should I give it a try? My last question is can you tell me whats wrong with my f-16, are the wings to wide, I just know something doesn't look right on this F-16 that I designed. Thank you.


Do you see any reason It would spiral out of the sky? I ask because I'm trying to figure out if there is something wrong with the design aerodynamically, or it is my pilot skills.


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I would like to try the original method of making the nose rather than removing the paper on the front 2 sections as in the V8 plans. Although the later method makes the front more rounded, I found it difficult to match with the rear section and believe the older method to look better. @Mid7night do you still have a copy of the older plans with that part available? Thanks.


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Great work!
the EDF I have available is an 80mm. Can I just blow up the plans?
or can I fit it into the normal size aircraft?
many thanks