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  1. S

    750mAh Battery for V636 Quadcopter

    this kind of battery will be good for v636 ? someone buy this brand and test performance of goo batteries ? http://www.banggood.com/es/3_7V-750m...-p-951865.html
  2. S

    Alternate for the Turnigy Accucel-6?

    I'm trying to get my first plane in the air and the Turnigy Accucel-6 50w charger was recommended to me this weekend. The problem is that I have been trying unsuccessfully to order this charger from hobbyking.com for the last 4 days. Is there an alternative to this charger that I would be able...
  3. Maksym

    Dynam Smart Trainer Battery Recommendation

    I just got my first R/C plane recently(Dynam Smart Trainer), and it flies very nice and easy to control. I've been told that the plane wasn't a good choice, but for me it's easy to fly and that's good enough. Anyway with flying aside I would like to ask what extra battery I should buy that...
  4. S

    Puff battery question

    Today after flying my quad I notice the batter looks a little puffy. It is a nano tech 2200mha 25-50c lipo Is it ok to continue to use this battery? It is still able to charge. Will it catch fire just laying around while it is in this state? I think I ran it too low today while flying my quad.
  5. jsut210

    MiniQuad Battery Findings

    So today some friends and I had a quad race down at our local RC club. Needless to say, I'm going to need more power to be competitive. So instead of flying my 5030 props, I'm going to give some 5040 and 5030 3 blade props a shot. But when I do this, my current consumption will go up. This in...
  6. B

    battery charging problems and questions

    OK. So I'm a noob to this hobby. I got all my electronics to start some scratch build, and I built a nice FT slinger that I can't wait to get into the air.... But I accidentally left my battery plugged in and it ran way down... And I went to charge it it tells me that my voltage in my cell...
  7. T

    Newbie Q: LiPo Charging/Discharging

    Hey FT! I've found myself playing the charge/discharge dance with my batteries recently. I'll charge a battery the night before on a forecast of low winds hoping I can fly after work. Without fail, I'll get home to 10+mph winds with gusts. Instead of discharging my batteries by flying, I'm...
  8. K

    Needed some guidance on a balance charger.

    Guys, I am a newbie just getting into this hobby. I just finished building my first ever plane which is the FT Delta. So, I bought some electronics at I would need. (Which is almost everything including radios). Then this is the first problem that came to me : How do I charge my battery? I...
  9. D

    First Plane Troubles

    So I bought this combo (http://www.hobbypartz.com/60p-dy-1026.html), and hooked up a smaller battery to it (1200 3s 15c) and it worked fine. I cut the connection to the battery to put a different connector on it, but when I cut the battery, for a split second the two blades of the scissors...
  10. L

    Lipo Disposal, Storage, etc...

    What I would like to see is how flite test disposes of old, severely damaged, minor damaged, and simply demolished batteries. The internet has loads of stuff regarding salt water bath, discharge to '0' volts per cell, etc. What do you guys do for the battery that is (fill in the blank). Would...
  11. Random_rc

    Wied Lipo Battery

    hello, i have a very strange battery. the battery was at ~6Volts and the volts keep going up and it is now something like ~9v within an hour. this is a turnigy 800mah 30-40c 3s battery from hobby king. do you suggest getting rid of that battery and buying a new battery. if so, what would the...
  12. Captain

    ElectroHub Octo-copter Power Distribution

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum and need a we bit of advice. I'm in process of building an Octo-copter with the Electrohub booms and plates, though I have no idea on how I'm going to go about soldering/connecting all the components together and what battery(s) I'm going to require. Run down...
  13. R

    Help with batteries?

    Hi, everyone, I've seen the beginner series and I got really confused on the battery episode. I didn't understand about charging them, mainly. The battery I want to get for my ft old speedster is a turnigy 1000mAH 3s 20c lipo pack. Could someone please tell me stuff like flight time, what...
  14. M

    3s vs 4s flight time?

    Newbie questions...Running a dji flame wheel clone, 2830 1000kv motors, and 30a escs with a 3s 3300 gen ace, 10x5props and getting about 10mins flight time.l want to increase the flight time, obviously a bigger battery will help. Do i just go 4s 3300 or 3s 4800 or 4s 4800? Or just buy a spare...
  15. S

    2S/3S & Motors?

    I have a motor that takes a 2S and 3S batteries. Will the motor react any differently to a 3S than it does a 2S? Is there a difference in flight time? I realize the 3S has higher voltage but how does that play into the performance of the motor? Thank you
  16. U

    DX5e Trim Issue

    Hello all. I just got the Aprentice S 15e after owning the mini super cub and the parkzone um p-51d. The DX5e is however, my first full range digital tx. All has been well after recieving the RTF setup on friday. I flew it and it worked. Now, however, the radios trims do not function or even...
  17. Mastrmindz

    Flight Time with the Rotorbones Tri

    Hey everyone! A few months ago, I built the FT rotorbones tricopter and have had a blast with it. One issue that I have is flight time. Using a 2100mAh 3s battery, I only get between 5-6 minutes of flight. Does that sound low, and if so, any suggestions on how to increase the flight time...
  18. J

    Newbs flying with 2200mah batteries

    Hey everyone, my friends and I are head over heals excited about getting into flying RC planes, but we have a major impediment... We live in Iceland. There are some problems with living in Iceland, mostly if you want something that you can't buy in the supermarket, it's very likely to be hard...
  19. ofiesens2

    Puffed battery

    I recently found that I had puffed the 3 cell battery from my stock Super Cub LP. Are there any specific disposal methods that I should take to avoid a house fire or some other dangerous event? Also, I plan on getting some new 3s 1300mAh batteries from hobbyking, but I believe those come with a...
  20. A

    FT-3D Dirt Nap - A preferred weight question

    Today I was intending to maiden the scratch build of the FT-3D. It was a normal day, but it turned out to be my worse flying day out of my 'career'. I had strayed from the recommending build, deciding to use a smaller propeller, .0947EF prop, than the recommending 1200kv motor. I only have the...