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  1. L

    Battery bad after crash?

    Hello all, I just came across a situation where a friend had a crash landing with a FT Wonder. After crashing he realized his battery was no longer working and the front corner, where all the cables come out, are bent up a bit. It is a turnigy 2200 3s lipo. It no longer reports on a working...
  2. randyrls

    PBS NOVA program "In Search of the Super Battery"

    Last evening there was a program on PBS NOVA series. "In search of the Super Battery" had a lot of info on Lithium Ion batteries. Well worth the time to watch..... I finished watching the program in detail yesterday. There is research going on to replace the electrolyte with a polymer...
  3. H

    Just fried an ESC and I don't know why.

    I feel like I'm missing a fundamental piece of information, hoping someone can fill the gap. I have been bench testing my electronics to see if I need more grunt to fly my over weight Tiny Trainer. I have had the following setup 6045 Prop 2204 Motor 20 Amp ESC 800 mAh 2S 20C When I ran this up...
  4. Bob A

    Nimh battery

    Why can't I use nimh batteries? I know they weigh more than lipo's but that's what I have (lots of) and although I've read the messages about lipo batteries, I'm still pretty much confused about them and the thought of investing MORE MONEY in MORE batteries is downright depressing. Bob
  5. I

    TitanFlight Li-Ion battery repair

    Hey guys, beginner here I have fair knowledge of electronics but I thought I check with professionals before I do anything so here's the deal. I have two 7000mAh 4 cell Li-Ion batteries each in 2P4S configuration and I left them connected to their Y lead (parallel lead) after disconnecting them...
  6. rcwingman

    How many lipos do you have?!

    Hello, Recently I checked all my lipo bags and was shocked how many they are. I have the theory, that RC-addiction can be measured in the amount of batteries somebody has. So.... How many Lipo batteries do you have? 1s,2s,3s,4s...etc I think a lot of people are really intersted to see how...
  7. C

    Hubsan h170d battery not charging

    Battery not charging properly? The red light on the USB charger is always on even when the battery has been charging for 3+ hours. The battery is not even getting warm or anything. When I plug it into the drone I only get about 3 minutes flight time. Is this normal? Only about 2 times the light...
  8. E

    LiPo recommendation for Sport Cub S for longer flying time

    Hi, I am new in RC and was wondering if someone could advice me on the below. My HobbyZone Sport Cub S comes with one 150mAh 1S 3.7V 25C LiPo battery and I would like to get a few more extra batteries. Which batteries would you recommend if I want to extend my flying time? I want the batteries...
  9. C

    Old charger with new battery?

    I'm planning on making my first scratch build and was wondering if I can use a charger that came with the Hobbyzone Super Cub S With SAFE made for this battery , with a battery from the ft store. Would the charger still work if I use a new battery? I can't remember what charger it is (specs and...
  10. G

    What battery?!

    I recently purchased two older quads. One is an aluminum framed Armattan (340 mm). The other is a no named 250mm. I don't know anything about them. What sized batteries should I use?
  11. B

    How to charge a 2S battery

    Hi! I recently bought an E-flite UMX cub that uses a 2s battery (article number) EFLB2802S30. I am new to the hobby and not familiar with all the different connections. At first, the connection to the battery looked like the balance connector, but it doesnt fit in a balance connector (called...
  12. S

    FT Versa Battery position options.

    Hi, currently building the FT Versa (tractor with the swoppable powerpod). Started thinking about different options using the powerpod A) Has anyone ever tried a powerpod where the motor / prop is mounted at the back, so pusher with powerpod rather than pusher with the FT firewall. B) I'm not...
  13. Fuzzy Whumpkin

    Battery Connector Question

    Hey all, I found these LiPos on AliExpress pretty cheap, but i'm not totally sure about them... mainly what the connectors are coming off the battery. here are some pics: it's a 2200 mAh 15c 3-cell. I'm pretty sure about the red being a JST plug and the white being the balance plug, but...
  14. E

    system compatibility

    I'm looking to build a ft versa wing as a pusher, but need help determining whether or not my prop, motor and esc, would be compatible with a battery i want to use. I’m going to use: 8x6 prop EMAX GT2215 1100KV MOTOR: https://store.flitetest.com/emax-gt2215-1100kv-motor/ BLHELI SERIES 30A ESC...
  15. S

    Help with XT-30 Connectors

    Hi there. I am a newbie trying to build a Mighty Mini Arrow (photo attached). I have finished the body of the plane and now I am waiting on my "F Power Pack" that I ordered to arrive. The Flitetest store is currently out of the 3 cell xt-30 connector batteries that it recommendations using in...
  16. J

    Bronco Battery Question...

    So... I've got the Bronco built, same electronics as the power pack B. I'm planning on flying it with the 2200 Mah 3s 20-30C discharge rate batteries that I have for the maiden, but I'm wondering... I have a 5000 Mah 3s 25-35C sitting around too. Is that something I could try flying with? Do I...
  17. Snarls

    Titan Advanced High Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries

    Hey guys. If you've ever seen MyGeekShow with Trent, you may know that he used NCR18650B lithium ion batteries in his wings. His packs had 75% more capacity than lipos for the same weight, but unfortunately were expensive and hard to make. Today he released a video introducing Titan batteries...
  18. R

    Life vs Lipo Batteries

    Hello, So this is second post. First post I wrote was in introduction and I included some suggestions, I am going to mirror them here seeing as this is correct forum spot for it: I would like to know a lot more about LiFE batteries. Here are some questions you can answer for it. Why are...
  19. R

    Hey YOU! New guy POST :)

    Yep, new guy. I am from SC and have been in military for 20 years. Currently I travel with the military even up to Ohio (Canton - Port Clinton) to participate in shooting competition. I would love to pass by the shop, but aaaaanywho, so have had a few RC cars in the past and its fun but one...
  20. J

    Question About battery connectors!

    I have acquired a Blade 200 QX and I need to make a charger adapter, what connector does it use? it's similar/ same as the Dromida Ominus, and I have one of those. Also is the Spektrum DX6i controller good for it?