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  1. J

    Question About battery connectors!

    I have acquired a Blade 200 QX and I need to make a charger adapter, what connector does it use? it's similar/ same as the Dromida Ominus, and I have one of those. Also is the Spektrum DX6i controller good for it?
  2. C

    Bushwhacker First Build

    I was curious, what is the biggest (reasonable) battery that i could put in the bushwhacker, and about how much flight time would i get out of it? Thanks
  3. S

    LiPo Battery Help... Don't really want a fire tonight

    Hi all, I just finished my first quadcopter build today. I charged my Turnigy Nano-Tech 1300mah 3s 45c-90c LiPo on a Turnigy Accucell 6 and started messing around with the quad. I only took it a few feet off the ground for only seconds at a time, so I didn't think to much of the battery level. I...
  4. S

    power pack c (twin motor) battery

    I'm trying to figure out the best battery to use with the power pack c ( twin motor ). I'm interested in good flight times with higher speeds. I try to always get a little more bang for my planes by having a little extra power if necessary. Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks for your time
  5. J

    FT Duster - battery location and retention

    Ok, this could be a silly question but I've searched and found no answer. I've built my first Flite Test plane, the FT Duster, and I'm not wholly certain where the battery goes. I've seen some pics with it on the underside of the power pod, not inside it, which certainly makes sense from a...
  6. hotbrass2005

    Electrohub Battery/Flight Time Issue

    Just before Christmas I got all the thing I needed to put together an electrohub quad with a pixhawk on board. I have everything flying beautifully and am really enjoying it, but the flight times aren't great. I purchased 4 multistar multirotor batteries hoping to get something in 20 minute...
  7. T

    Battery Charger for Swapple

    Looks like the Flight Test Store is out of the "800mAh 3s 20c Lipo Battery" and I went to Hobby Town, when I told them what I wanted to do "Foam board airplane" they just walked away, and said they have nothing at this level. Question: With a XT60<->JST adapterer will the "LUMENIER 1000MAH 3S...
  8. M

    Torn between Lumenier QAV250 and QAV400, Can someone help?

    In the next month, I will be setting up a FPV and Camera rig. I had originally thought of building around the QAV250, but it isn't too much more to step up to the QAV400 and money isn't the real issue. My primary intent is just to have a FPV rig to fly with. I'm not a hardcore racer or stunt...
  9. Snarls

    Cheap Lipos at Hobbyking Cyber Sale

    Just letting people know that there are some really cheap lipos available with HKs Cyber Sale. Mostly high capacity ones, but new deals come out every now and then. I got a 4s 5200 for $15 vs $40 a couple weeks ago. Also not just lipos for cheap, you may find a great price on an item you've been...
  10. E

    FT Viggen EDF with 3s battery???

    I'm looking to build my Viggen w an EDF. It seems that all the motors for EDF need a 4S battery. I have a good amount of 3S batteries and was hoping there was an EDF build that can utilize my 3S batteries and still give me the performance the Viggen deserves. Anyone have any...
  11. T

    X5C-1 Motor Performance - Related to Battery?

    Hi, I'm new to FliteTest forums, I joined regarding my X5C-1. So today I noticed I am having to push the throttle far too much just to get it about 6 feet off the ground, today I ALSO noticed that my stock 500 MAH battery took very long to charge. So my question is, does battery strenght have...
  12. jaskoller

    FT Guinea Pig Wiring Battery

    Currently building the FT Guinea. I'm curious what other people have done on the power/wiring. Has anyone run separate batteries for each ESC? If so, how did you do that? I have some ideas, but wanted to see what the community does. I'm assuming most people just run one battery. Please let...
  13. M

    Do I need to use the salt water method to discharge lipo batteries?

    Hello All, I need to discharge a lipo battery, which has had an incident involving being hit with a quadcopter prop. It is safe to discharge, but I don't have anyway of using a discharger because I do not have a balance connector on it anymore... :eek: (You need the balance connector to...
  14. S

    Old Speedster underpowered?

    Hey guys, I built the Old Speedster this week, and it weighs about 500g, while the FT plans say it should be 350g (without battery). This might be because I don't use dollartree foamboard, but that aside, the speedster feels a little underpowered. I use the Turnigy Park300 1380kv from my Flyer...
  15. B

    I'm giving her all she's got Captain!/Problem with weight, balance or something else?

    Hi there! I built a flamewheel using real DJI parts and an "E300 Tuned Propulsion System" (full specs below) and it flew OK, but has been under powered; it was at around 70% throttle to hover but never any issues with maneuverability, recovery etc. I am using a 2200 3s 20-30c lipo. But I am...
  16. C

    Idea for Lipo charging station.

    Building my first Charging station! i only have a handful of Lipo batteries. But i wanted a metal box that i could run cable in and had a lip i could open and close easily! This is what i was thinking! http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B005UPA10Y?redirect=true&ref_=s9_simh_co_p328_d0_i2 I will...
  17. C

    Can't get Punjet to fly. What am I doing wrong?

    I purchased the standard (recommended) Punjet setup from FT - the Power Pack A (Minis) and I cannot get it to fly. I am using the Loong-Max 800mAh 3s 20c Lipo Battery sold on FT, and the setup together doesn't produce enough thrust to fly. Also, I built according to instructions, and had to...
  18. N

    DP Batteries

    Good morning everyone, I received an email from a company claiming to make high quality batteries at a low cost... .. . I'm wondering if anyone has heard from them or used them? http://www.lpdpower.com/35c-lipo-battery-packs-1.html Cheers
  19. SlowPass

    Dry Box To Charging Box

    I wanted a good way to charge my LiPo batteries in the field without being dependant on my vehicle’s battery. After searching through RC forums for guidance I found that many people focused on getting the largest amount of charging capacity available per dollar. Coming out on top with that...
  20. D

    Battery and receiver troubles

    I jut got my LiPo battery in the mail today. My dad and I were trying to hook it up to the receiver and it simply would not fit. In trying to get it to fit we unwittingly turned to connector around and fried the receiver. Because of the way the battery plug is, it won't fit in the right way. I...