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  1. Z

    3D Printed Foamboard Score Cutter

    Frustrated at keeping a consistent depth, I decided to make a tool that would hold a razor blade at the perfect angle. Works very well, might make one for making edge bevels. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2158247
  2. VTX

    How I'm (trying) to build a mini arrow for as little money as possible

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5kJonpYCcV3-cFApGVIM0Q This is the first of many parts, after this failure I am more motivated to get this thing to fly! I plan to use some 3D printed parts for the fuselage and upgrade the power system a bit. I'm really excited about this project and would...
  3. StatiK RC

    Super Easy MOVEABLE tricycle landing nose gear

    Have a scratch-build you need to put tricycle landing gear on? Here is a quick and easy solution! If you follow this step by step guide, you will end up with a landing gear setup below: ____________________________________________________ What you need: First, trace your 5-9 gram servo...
  4. muteFPV

    Cheap and Easy DIY illuminated air gates for micro quads (Part 1 of DIY airgates)

    (Part 1: Fast & Cheap DIY airgates) When trying to improve your skills of flying a micro quad, nothing compares to flying in a more restricted, tight and challenging route. In other words, some kind of a race course. This is where airgates come in handy. Gates which you can move around and...
  5. R

    Making a new race frame using my CNC machine

    The last couple of months I was working on a new frame design. I wanted to make a very light and yet a very strong frame! The whole frame is made out of 4 mm carbon fiber and weights only 90 grams! Watch this video to see how the frame comes to life!
  6. L

    DIY Micro Plane re-build.

    A while back I crashed and damaged my Parkzone P-51D with AS3X's air frame. With little to no knowledge on how to repair something small and of that nature, I want to take out its electronics and build a flyer that if possible could use all 4 available channels, but be easy to build for a broke...
  7. aarongerhart

    FT Delta Absurdly Nose Heavy?

    Hey all, I've been into RC for a bit now, but have just recently started building my own aircraft. I decided to try out the FT Delta before getting into regular wings, and it came together very nicely... However, the only way I can get it to balance out correctly is if the battery is mounted at...
  8. F

    I would would greatly apreciate advice on which FPV Gear to buy/getting into FPV

    I would would greatly apreciate advice on which FPV Gear to buy/getting into FPV Hello, I'm 22 and I live in the Pacific North West. I've been flying RC ever since I was a kid and I've been interested in getting into FPV for a long time now, but it always seemed a little bit too technically...
  9. Z

    Help building a Hexacopter

    Hi everyone! I'm new to building multirotors, and I am afraid of making a mistake and wasting my money. That is why I came here in search for help, you see, I'd like to build a hexacopter with the following features: - Medium size frame - 10 to 13 inch propellers (preferably T-mount 10x5.5...
  10. R

    The birth of a fpv racedrone

    In this video i'm showing you how i make my own racequads from scratch using my CNC machine
  11. D

    New guy here!!! Hi!

    Hey everyone! The name is Mike, I am a Data Architect / Developer from the Philadelphia, Pa area. I am pursuing a career in professional aerial photography and videography. Flying and building machines has always been a hobby for me, now I am trying to take things to new "heights", :D. I look...
  12. R

    DIY Foamboard CNC foam cutter

    Hey Guys, I've been wanting to build a CNC for a long while. I've tried one last year, just like the one in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zgbCy2tQg9Y but had a lot of problems with jagged movement. This week I decided to scavange all parts I had laying around and start a new...
  13. G

    FRSky DHT & JR XP662 only 1 channel not working, PLEASE HELP ME!

    I am really hoping someone has had this same problem before, and found a way to fix it, or has any idea that can help me out here, I am kind of in a desperate situation. I am going to write in a sort of "process of elimination" style and highlighting components that might be important, so...
  14. CarboardKings

    Own Design Popsicle Sticks and BBQ Skewer Frame

    90mm EDF powered ice cream stick frame. Made last year. Still waiting to maiden. Had to leave it in storage before coming to Thailand.:(
  15. CarboardKings

    Some of our scratch collection

    These are inspired by my childhood love of flight and passing it on to my son. Here are some of our designs. Hope you like them.
  16. CarboardKings

    Viper-ish Cardboard EDF Jet

    Yes we went for it! Also a few pictures of the other big boys we built from scratch. My son and I
  17. CarboardKings

    Cardboard Trainer

    Give us a box and a plane it shall be! Modeled after our rubber band powered plane.
  18. CarboardKings


    Fun with cardboard in Bangkok. Hoping to fly these very soon.
  19. Snarls

    The Birth of a 3D Printed 3-Axis Gimbal

    Hey everyone. This has been a semi-secret project in the works for a couple months now. It's a long read, so skip to the end if you just want to see the finished product. Some of you may know of my DIY 2-axis gimbal builds that I have done using wood and acrylic in the past. Well, back in...
  20. A

    Pocket transmitter plus.

    This is my version of Peter's pocket transmitter. It'sself-contained and waterproof!