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  1. CONNXT248

    Looking to build a multirotor

    I have had an interest in multirotors for a while, and now i'm looking to build a diy one. I have a micro quad I fly around and have considerable amount of flying time on a "simulator" on my phone. I am looking for suggestions for basically anything; electronics, frame, flight controller, etc. I...
  2. D

    H8 Micro FPV quad setup for right around $50 usd!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DREHnDY1WVk This guy has put an fpv setup on his h8 quadcopter. I don't know if any of you guys have tried these little $15 gems, but they are wonderful. They can also be reflashed to work in acro mode. He also has a video on how to assemble the 5 GRAM!!!! fpv...
  3. W

    DIY Multirotor Recovery Parachute System Build [WIP]

    Hello there Pilots! Introduction First things first, I just registered myself to the forum and therefore am not sure if this is the right Forum to post this. Please correct me! So, I just started building myself a 450 sized quadcopter. The quad will be used to do some homebrew aerial...
  4. D

    feather based airfoil

    This design was made back when I was making paper airplanes so I don't know how well that will transition to foam but I dug it out of a storage box and after getting most of the wrinkles and creases out of it, it still flew just fine so the design does work even if it is fidely. Take a look at...
  5. A

    My first DIY fixed Wing

    Coments and suggestions are entirely welcome
  6. Baby Brit

    Scratch Build-Off SR-10 Reliant

    History "the Stinson Reliant SR-10, was introduced in 1938. A militarized version was first flown in February 1942 and remained in production through several additional versions (all externally identical) until late 1943 for the US and British armed forces. Reliant production can be broken...
  7. M

    My first quadcopter config,is it gonna to fly ?

    hello i am bulling my first custom build quadcopter , after playing with a DJI for 2 years i need to have a custom build and reasonable cost unit ,i have complied the following specs but not sure if the motors could be mounted on the frame ? , ESC is good? calculated flight time of 15mintues...
  8. A

    DIY body's/covers

    It would be superb to learn how to make such a neat looking body as you did for your FLIR Y6 quad. Materials/tools/techniques/considerations etc. Please shed some light on how to make it look so sleak and pro.
  9. R

    making a mini 250 quadcopter with my CNC machine

    Hello guys! Im not very active in forums etc but i wanted to share this with everyone. In the last couple of weeks i was designing a new mini 250 size quadcopter for racing. Watch the video below! Comments and suggestions are very welcome! I want to keep improving my mini quadcopters!
  10. Snarls

    Dual Module Range Issues - OrangeRX and Turnigy 9X Stock

    Hey guys if you remember last month I modded my Turnigy 9x to have both the external stock module and an internal OrangeRX DIY module. This issue now is that I am getting very poor range on both modules. With the stock I get around 80m through trees and with the OrangeRX I get around 60m through...
  11. Robbie

    Theoretical: Home built vortex frame

    Hey guys, I need a new cheap to mid-priced frame and i find the ZMR to be a little boring even though at the moment it is at the top of the list of contenders. Even though the alien looks insane inicial price estimates are upwards of $150 and we are not all made of money or team pilots...
  12. K

    First FPV kit questions..

    Hello Im currently looking into getting my first full fpv system for my 480 quadcopter. I have a few questions I was hoping you guys could help me out on that I cant seem to find the answer for. Im also on a budget, trying to get the full bundle for as cheap as possible. 1. What makes the...
  13. K

    DIY FPV help appreciated

    Hello, so Im putting together my first quadcopter (480mm) and Iv dished out a bit more than expected for the parts. One of my most wanted parts was an fpv kit for the quad, however i couldnt buy one because of the price of even the cheap kits ($100+). I was wondering, if i had my own screen, say...
  14. T

    Timber Drone: The first DIY drone kit for everyone!

    Hello Flitetest, My name is Riley Turner and am a college student at UCLA who wants to make drones approachable for anybody. I set out 10 months ago to design and produce the best drone kit on the market and this is what I came up with! I call it the Timber Drone. Timber Drone is as follows...
  15. Snarls

    DIY Mini Gimbal for Air and Ground Video

    Hey everyone, I thought I should share my build here to get some feedback and hopefully inspire others to build their own DIY equipment. I am currently working on a mini gimbal to compactly stabilize my GoPro Hero 2. The goal is to mount the gimbal on the end of an extendable pole to use for...
  16. N

    Custom FPV Antenna holder

    So I have been using the Red fatshark 5,8GHz cloverleaf antenna's and they used to stick out the back of the QAV250 and simply bent up, however I have already broken the antenna mounts of 3 video transmitters. Next was purchasing the right angle adapters for the antennas and then feeding it...
  17. razor02097

    Attempting to make an automated LiPo discharge device

    Hello all, being who I am I like to tinker... a lot! This is not article material yet as the following device is barely worthy of prototype status... Currently I have a Electrifly charger that does not have the capability to discharge batteries to storage voltage (or 3.8v per cell). I thought...
  18. Snarls

    OrangeRX DIY Module for Turnigy 9X

    Unfortunately I've been waiting four weeks now (actually 4) for the OrangeRX dsm2/dsmx module to come back in stock at HK. I'll be ready to start my mini quad build in about a week, but I will be unable to do anything with it until I upgrade my Turnigy 9X to spektrum protocol. Looking at the...
  19. Spastickitten

    A place to put all of your diy micro (indoor size) quad things!

    I was thinking of making a micro indoor quad and just need a place for others to put their info! ^-^ Hobbykings new products made for micro quads Quanum Pico 32bit Brushed Flight Control board Quanum WISP 110 micro multirotor frame 60mm Propeller Quad Set (4 pcs) Mini Quad Brushed Motor...
  20. ASW92

    DIY cinemizer?

    Hello Flitetesters, I was wondering if anyone ever made a cinemizer by themselves. I would like a product list so I could buy the parts and do it myself. Thanks