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flite test

  1. O

    Jet FT Plane

    Hello everyone, I am going to make a jet engine to put in to a plane and I wanted to use a FT plane, but I'm not sure which plane to use. I would like it to be able to go as fast as possible. The jet engine will have a 128mm/5" internal diameter and a 135mm/5.3" external diameter. What would be...
  2. R

    RC Dynam RAF Tiger Moth - Details, Photos & Videos

    Hey Guys, This is my first posting here, and while I won't be on a whole lot, I thought I would share some of my experiences flying the Dynam Tiger Moth with you all. I took it out for its maiden on Saturday, and I'll post the video soon. (Details will be forthcoming) Cheers, William
  3. E

    Colorado Springs Flyers!

    I have not seen much around this area of Colorado, and if anyone knows of a flying club in close proximity to Monument/Colorado Springs area, please reply, and if not, maybe we can organize some meet-ups. I know of 1-2 parks around me that are large enough, with fields that can be reserved...
  4. F

    Flitetest Versacopters came today!

    Hello everyone. So my roommate and I have been watching flitetest for quite some time now. We have been building many of their planes. I have been looking into a quadcopter for a while and I have been torn on what to get. After seeing the flitetest versacopter recently, my roommate and I decided...
  5. D

    S.E. Florida 1st annual Electric Jamboree 11/14/2015 www.mppapilots.com

    The Date is November 14, 2015 at the Markham Park Flying Field in Sinrise, Florida which is just west of Fort Lauderdale, FL Our website is: www.mppapilots.com MPPA VP, David Kruger
  6. kdobson83

    Only one episode this week?

    Is there only going to be one episode this week? I understand pumping out 2 episodes every week on the same days is hard but I've looked at facebook, twitter, youtube and the main site and haven't seen anything about there only being one episode this week. Would have to say I'm a little...
  7. L

    Huge RC/FPV/Plane/Quad Lot

    Unfortunately I have to get out of RC. Letting entire lot go...Local pickup Near Tampa/New Port Richey, Florida Craigslist ad for Pictures http://tampa.craigslist.org/psc/tag/5232166157.html Selling ENTIRE RC Lot. TONS of stuff for the Beginner all the way to Advanced. Pictures show everything...
  8. dannyboy70000

    Wouldn't suggest a 75% FT-Flyer

    i recently decided to build a plane with my friend but we didn't have much foam and here in Australia foam board is around $13 per sheet of 900 x 600 and we thought it would be a good idea to build a 50% FT-Flyer, so we printed out the plans and realized that it was extremely small and there was...
  9. James Y

    One Piece EDF for FT Viggen

    I am hoping someone can recommend a good all-in-one EDF unit for the Ft Viggen, ideally from HobbyKing, or somewhere in Canada. I originally bought this setup, but had my Fan explode on spool up...: Turnigy L2855-2800 EDF Outrunner (630w) 10 Blade High-Performance 70mm EDF Ducted Fan Unit...
  10. T

    An invitation to multirotor discourse!

    With so many choices to choose from, I was wondering what you guys look for personally when buying a multirotor. Do you prefer a kit or a ready-to-fly? Or just the frame or maybe a PNF? Perhaps you prefer to scratch build? Does it have to look good aesthetically? Or do you utilitarians not...
  11. R

    FT-22 Raptor Setup, Warm motor....

    Hi all, Wondering if I can get some help here. My Raptor is setup as follows, Turnigy Park 300, 1600 kv 18 amp turnigy esc 8x6 prop 1350 mah 3s With this setup I am pretty happy BUT..... The motor is kinda hot (hot like, I can't hold it in my hands for more than 10 seconds) when landing...
  12. B

    First Flight - FT Delta

    I took my delta to a local club that allows park flyers and they let me fly it. The guy whom helped me out test flew it form me, which is what the video is showing, then after helped me adjust the throws. overall a good experience. Here's a pic of my delta as well as a video.
  13. M

    Micro Su-35/37 with thrust vectoring nozzles - a challenge for Flite Test

    Hi Flite Test!!! I thought I will give you a hard project. You have already made F-22 from America, JA-37 from Europe, maybe it's time for something Russian? :) Your goal is to make an EDF Su-35/Su-37 (or a mix of them, like Su-35 with canards :D) from foam/depron with advanced 3D fuselage and...
  14. C

    Help? Gimbal not working?

    I just got the RTF gimbal from RTF quads ( http://www.readytoflyquads.com/rtf-all-in-one-gimbal ) It never worked from the start, it had a solid blue and red light and a blinking green. No other indications that it was plugged in, no motor sounds or movement at all. I downloaded the GUI and...
  15. C

    HELP Please?

    I just got a new RTF gimbal form RTF quads, but it doesn't seem to work. When I plug my 3s battery into it a solid blue light, and red light come on, and so does a flashing green one. This is my first gimbal so Im kinda lost. Any ideas on why it isn't working? Thanks!
  16. M

    Beginner Level

    Hello, I am a new pilot and my most recent plane is the Champ by Horizon Hobby and I looking into a new plane and I really fell in love with the E flite apprentice s 15e with the SAFE system. I was just wondering if this would be a good for me. I saw the video by Flite Test but just wondering...
  17. G

    Power Pack suggestion

    Hi Flite Test, I think that for your Power Packs, it would be really nice if you could sell the individual parts from the power packs in addition to selling the complete power pack. For example, if I already have an esc and servos and all I need is a motor, I would like the option of being able...
  18. rcflyer729

    help designing carbon mini qud to be sold for around $60

    help designing carbon mini quad to be sold for around $60 Hi my name is Luke I have been flying rc stuff for around 7 years. I am 16 and got into fpv around a year ago and I got my fist mini quad around July 2014. So I bought an emax mini quad and really like it but I have gotten pretty good at...
  19. G

    FT Power Packs

    Does anyone know when the FT Power Packs will be coming out? Thanks!
  20. C

    Electrohub HELP PLEASE

    I just recently got into quadcopters and I bought my first kit, the Electrohub. I got everything together with some help from some great people on the forums. I went in my backyard and got it in the air for about 10 seconds and landed it now satisfied it would fly. Later that night someone on...