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flite test

  1. L

    Knuckle H-quad kk2.1 tips???

    Hi Im building a Knuckle H-quad, this is my first aircraft build. I am still waiting for my esc's and motors to come in the mail. The only thing i have doubts about is what configuration i need to chose on my kk2.1 board (X, H6, H4???). I also don't know what settings i need for roll/pitch, yaw...
  2. C

    FT Bloody Wonder Acrobatic Fun

    So finally in a long long stretch of crazy windy days - I got the chance to get the FT Bloody Wonder out and do some crazy fun acrobatic flying. It's not the first time I had it out but it is the first time I didn't get smacked around by the wind. This is my scratch build version - which I see...
  3. rcflyer729

    awsome fpv flight

    Last Saturday evening I got some really good footage. It had been raining all day and it just cleared up so the sky was perfect. I thought I would share it with you.
  4. rcflyer729

    question about video goggles

    Hi I have a question about which video goggles to get. I am 14 and don't have nanny ways to get money so the 2 goggles I am looking at are the Predator V2 and the TELEPORTER V3. I have a friend who has the predator v2 and I really like them. When looking for goggles I can't find out the...
  5. JMundy

    Flitetest Sweat Shirt & T-shirt

    I really wanted a Flitetest sweat shirt and they are not available thru the store, so I went to the local t-shirt printing shop and had one made. To get a decent deal I had to order 12, which is way more than I need. After a few I will give away to friends, I have a sweat shirt and a couple...
  6. C

    FT Quebec

    Hey guys, sorry for the french... Bonjours a tous, je me demandais si il y en avait à qui ça tentait d'essayer une expérience unique et de partir un channel FT Quebec (un peu a l'image de Flite Test Argentina)? bien sur il faudrais l'accord mais je pense que c'Est possible à réaliser! Laissez...
  7. C

    Laser tag dogfighters

    Have you guys thought about taking FPV gear, and simple laser tag gear and fitting it to some of your FT builds, like the spitfire? You could set up the laser tag gear to shut off the electronics of a plane when a hit is registered, to make for some fun potential crashes and destruction! I...
  8. T

    Battery Help!!!

    Hello memebers of the Flite Test community, I have been watching the beginners series and I want to start flying. I think I am going the go the scratch build way. I've seen the pack from Lazer Toys website and wondered what charger I should use for those batteries. This is...
  9. T

    FT Simple Soarer Mod "E" style

    I'm sure more than a few of us have opted to use the swappable pod for the SS so we can motor up and glide the day away! I found one thing that got to me- to have correct CG I had to cram an 1500mAh battery in the front. The issue is that then the plane ended up weighing more than it had to...
  10. B

    My Best flight to date! Quadcopter Beach flight.

    My best video of my flight at a beach in the gulf of Mexico. The camera I used was a Gopro Hero3 silver. Please tell me what you guys think!
  11. knife-edge

    Ft Spitfire removable landing gear suggestions.

    So I just finished my ft spitfire and I LOVE it. But I want a landing gear that I can easily take on and off. Does anyone have any ideas or any creations of their own that they can share? Thanks, Knife-edge
  12. M

    Ft 3d pics and vids

    Post any pictures and videos of the ft 3d scratch build plane here.
  13. M

    Flitetest interwiew with Anthony Hand and "CS"

    I just watched the interview the guys at Flitetest did with Anthony Hand and I must say, What a cool layed- back guy. I think it was great that he could fly over from Hk (Honk King) and have a chat session with Josh,Josh and Chad. I originally thought that the owner of Hobby King would be a...
  14. S

    To Flite Test

    I noticed that none of your scratch build have used an EDF. I was curious as to if you could take on this challenge. The other scratch builds have been great planes for beginners but none for intermediate to advanced flyers. I would love to see this done because i am looking for a solid EDf jet...
  15. StoneKap

    The highest form of flattery...

    They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery. If you find anyone inspired, making fun or copying what we do post it here. Here are some examples:
  16. StoneKap

    Flite Test FAILURE!! Y-6 Debacle :[

    Do not show your kids this episode. Do not try this at home. David had to go home because he was a bad influence on us. This is proof that we are not experts or very intelligent... FLITE TEST Y6 FAILURE! :p
  17. Shadow74

    My tri-copter :o)

    Here are a few pics of my tri-copter, I started off with the basic format/idea created and generously shared by David Windestal at rcexplorer.se then made a few of my own changes as the build progressed. I am getting approx 11.5-12.5 min flights on a fairly old 2200 3s lipo. (many many...
  18. M

    Fans of Flite Test

    Are you a fan of Flite Test and want to meet other fans? Connect with fans of the show at My RC Hobby Zone. Amazing social connections, all your favorite flite test videos, photos, blogs and a community of RC hobbyist just like you sharing their knowledge and expertise. Connect today using...