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flite test

  1. flitetest

    Plane FT Edge 1.0

    FT Edge Description: The Flite Test Edge is based on the Zivko Edge 540 V3, which is a great aerobatic plane and also a very popular choice for pilots competing in the Red Bull Air Races. The FT Edge captures the crips lines of the real Edge while offering a wide flight envelope capable of...
  2. CatholicFlyer

    Continuation Of The Idea of Peter To Attach Planes Together

    I saw a plane that has the idea of Peter where they attach two planes together, called the Stratolaunch. This huge double plane is still in testing, as a new way to launch space shuttles from the Stratus Phere, but if you could take the idea of Peter, where he attached those three small planes...
  3. CatholicFlyer

    Building The Soviet FireFox Jet Airplane

    Got to see this plane from the movie Firefox with Clint Eastwood, this plane is super fast, Supersonic Jet Fighter. Can you guys build this and use something to replicate the engine and speed?
  4. CatholicFlyer

    More Info On Go-Cart Idea For Flite Test

    This was amazing to receive a reply from Stefan, " Stefan replied Jul 30, 11:48am Hey AJ! Thanks for the awesome idea! Ill shoot it to the crew and see their thoughts! Blessings, Stefan Ordo Militaris Radio sent a message Jul 13, 1:19pm Hey, been watching your videos and there is...
  5. CatholicFlyer

    The Aladin Flying Carpet Challenge

    We have all seen the movie Aladin with Robin Williams, that awesome flying and fighting carpet, well, is it possible to make a real Persian Carpet Fly? Now, they might be pricey and all other things, so use a fake Persian Carpet or something similar, so it looks like the real thing, how would it...
  6. jdawson

    Is FT selling a RTF Gremlin rocking a Runcam Split Mini yet?

    I know it was talked about a few months ago as something that was in the works.
  7. fliteadmin

    Plane FT Twin Sparrow 1.1

    The FT Twin Sparrow is a new twist on an FT Classic! From chuck glider to Full FPV platform with differential thrust, this little bird will not disappoint. The Sparrow was designed to create an enjoyable and fast build experience while also teaching you all the needed skills to build any of...
  8. Pigfarm1403


    Does anybody know how I can get my hands on the plans for the Flite Test Founders airplane. It's one of the perks for the indigo-go donations but the price is a bit high and I just want the plans, not the kit or any of the other perks. I want to use the plans to make a 300% version using 6...
  9. Merck

    Gremlin Illustration

    I want to put the Gremlin Illustration on a plane. Love that design. Is there anywhere I can get that? https://store.flitetest.com/flite-test-gremlin-illustration-t-shirt-charcoal/
  10. B

    FliteFestEast2017 Videos

    If anyone missed out on FFE2017, and/or want to see some footage from the event, check out my video that covers the trip! Enjoy! -BaileyFokinEngineering https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ia3dJCUN74
  11. D

    Nitro Flite Test plane suggestions

    I am starting to build a nitro powered version of a flite test plane, so I'm taking a poll/suggestions on what people would like to see.
  12. B

    magnus effect plane

    I know that peter created a plane using the magnus effect using kfc buckets; however, could the flite test team be able to create a plane using this effect in a way that could be built in something like a speed build kit? Fingers crossed!!!
  13. X

    Cessna 180 fail maiden flight

    I failed because I had the balance point set wrong , I fixed it since and this build is awesome. For a good laugh at a noob Here's the link -->> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ufuWktwBzIc&feature=youtu.be
  14. L

    what motor should i use with the ft mini scout?

    i built an ft mini scout and was about to put my big motors that i use on my 2 meter wings on there when i realized that that would be way too much torque and not work very well. What motor should i use? the closest thing i have to what should be used on it is some 1104 7000kv motors. any...
  15. P

    Flite Test Gremlin competition

    Hey guys I've been considering buying an atom v3 recently because I've got lots of land at my house but it's very wooded. The trees are far enough apart that I could have fun with something like the atom weaving in and about. What complicates things is that now that the Gremlin is out I'm...
  16. I

    FPV Racing Serial Receiver Help

    So I ordered the Eachine Wizard X220 ARF (Almost Ready To Fly). I have a Spektrum DXE Transmitter so I wanted a receiver that would work with it. I got the FPV Racing Serial Receiver and wanted to know if and how I could plug it into the FC (Flight Controller) or if I need to solder it. Here is...
  17. S

    FT Simple Storch mini-review and relaxing flight

    Hey guys, I just made my first mini review of my FT Simple Storch out of Hobbyking foamboard ( actually only the frontside is made out of that foamboard). I hope you guys enjoy this video and I'm sorry for my English pronunciation ( English isn't my native tongue) . Hoping to get more...
  18. C


    https://youtu.be/s7ajE3GVWMQ https://youtu.be/6H6-mmQ9olw https://youtu.be/Ba4-DYFQ2aM https://youtu.be/QmNq7nmk6dE Hello to whom ever is checking this out! Please check them all out! Let me know what ya think as well. I'm excited to show my videos of tearing up the local parks and a couple...
  19. C

    New to forums... New video I'd like to share

    hello flitetest forums! just doing what it says, posting my hello on here, and if I can figure it out, I'll post a couple FPV videos that I've made in the last year or so. I recently got runcam 2 and since the videos are looking a lot nicer! Now I have to learn video editing. .lol! Anyways...
  20. JJonis

    I LOVE this FORUM!

    Thank you Flite Test for this forum. It is awesome.