foam board

  1. G

    Aussie Nutball first time build

    Hi Folks, Just a bit of info for 1st time builders like myself in Australia. Having looked at the FliteTest beginner videos I decided to build the Nutball Swappable. I purchased the recommended hardware from Hobby King including the orange 6 channel transmitter. When it came to ordering the...
  2. K


    Hi guys! I am from Christchurch NZ. I am trying to get my hands on some adams foam board. Unfortunately the only place I know that stocks it in NZ is in the north island.... kind of a long drive away. So if anyone in NZ can tell me somewhere else that stocks it that would be great. Otherwise...
  3. L

    Swappable Hydroplane Build

    Hey Guys, Years back I attempted to build a hydroplane that is land, water, or air worthy. I was just getting into the RC stuff and the idea has hit me again and given the talent on the flite test show I think it would prove to be a great addition. The challenge would be to make it use...
  4. H

    Foam board UK?

    I have decided to build the FT old fogey; I think that I need a1 size foam board...but it is soon expensive. Does anyone know where I can get it cheaply in the UK?
  5. M

    Teaser...F-16 3D Profile Foamie

    I've been working on the design of a foamie F-16 off and on for over a year. I have built 4 prototypes so far. The first one was weak in the nose so I didn't pursue that design further. The second I built was very strong but got borked in the shipping container when I was moving. The third...
  6. RedTwenty

    FPV Wing V2 Plans Published

    G'day! I thought I would put a post here in the forum as I really don't think this warrants an article over on the main site... A while ago I was working on a modified Versa Wing with a snub-nose center section so it could be fitted out with FPV gear - Zephyr style. A lot of people asked if I...
  7. P

    Hybrid planes/gliders with dtf, plastic sheet and pinewood/basswood booms

    It will be fun to see flitetest episodes for building and flying planes/gliders with dtf, plastic sheet, and pinewood/basswood booms. Will such planes fly as well as the dtf planes?
  8. RedTwenty

    What should I build next?

    Hello everyone ;) I've just taken delivery of a large amount of Australian foam board from It feels and looks pretty good but I need to put it to the test! I'm looking for some suggestions of what I should try it out on and have put together a shortlist and poll over on the...
  9. R

    Looking for Plans, or original designer

    Looking for plans or build information on these planes, saw then on facebook (RCWorldUSA). They look like screamers. Any info would be great.
  10. C

    Can the foam in the speed build kits be covered

    I am looking for a design for my FT spitfire and was wondering if it is ok to use iron on covering like ultra coat?:confused:
  11. RedTwenty

    Foam Board UAV Project

    Good evening! I will do an article on the main FT site, but they take soooooo long to get approved I couldn't wait to show off the new idea... For various reasons I wanted to design a low cost UAV platform that was lightweight and efficient. True to form, I also wanted to use foam board to...
  12. RedTwenty

    When CG measurements go wrong...

    I thought I would put this video in here as a lesson to all of us to check (and then double check) the CG measurement when designing a new model. This is my 1360mm modified Versa Wing FPV platform and this was supposed to be the triumphant maiden flight. At the time it was carrying a FatShark...
  13. RedTwenty

    FPV Wing - Modified Versa Wing

    G'day from Australia! :D I've got an article in the waiting on the FT main site and you can see the full build on my own site at but I just wanted to share a quick image of my latest project... It's a bit of a hybrid, taking the basic concept of the Versa Wing, extending the...
  14. C

    Weight of Ready Board

    Hi everybody. I've been flying for little over a year and the cost of crashing has seriously started to injure my wallet. The Flite Test swappable series keeps seeming like a better and better idea, however we don't have the availability of ready board anywhere in South Africa. I have...
  15. A

    UK - Foam board at a reasonable price - FOUND !

    I've been looking for a good price for foam board, here in the UK. It's hard to compete with the Dollar store stuff you US guys can buy. As well as being labeled 'foam board', it's also know as 'poster board and 'presentation board' over here. Is that also true of the U.S. ? Viking direct...
  16. R

    Fun with colour packing tape FT3D

    Thanks for the great plans and inspiration.
  17. H

    Do you need to remove paper from the foam boards?

    I'm finishing up building my first swappable and so far everything has coming together suprisingly well. One thing that I have noticed while browsing the site is that some users are posting methods for removing the paper backing from the Adams foam boards. Is this in any way required or just a...
  18. C

    Who can make the largest Foam board plane

    Love the show, wish I could get down to NEAT to meet you guys, maybe I can talk my wife into next year :-) I thought the show that Josh and Dave did competing to make the fastest plane or planes from the Disney movie, really brought the best out of both of them. With these high winds we get...
  19. P

    Neebie question about Motor Mount Thrust Angles and the Power Pod

    Noobie question about Motor Mount Thrust Angles and the Power Pod Hi All! I just received my FT spitfire and i am eager to start building it. After i received it, i took a couple of days to study it and came across a couple of potential issues that may be encountered during the build, for which...
  20. M

    Foam Board 3mm or 5mm

    Hi, This has no doubt been answered before but I can't find another post! Before I go and buy a bunch of Foam Board I want to check if anyone has used 3mm Foam Board before. On Amazon UK there seems to be options for 5mm and 3mm, 3mm could be good thanks to the weight saving but I would be...