foam board

  1. StatiK RC

    FOAM BOARD Avengers quinjet

    My latest project is an RC Quinjet. It will have an airfoil later, but I'm just getting the dimensions down for now. I'm planning on placing two 1806 motors on the back and using thrust vectoring. HopefullyI will have the build finished and up on youtube by next thursday. Thoughts?:confused:
  2. C

    Eckersly Black Posterboard, remove paper?

    Hey guys, I got a couple of sheets of the black poster board from Eckersly (I live in Australia). This might be a super dumb question, but all the plans from Flite Test leave the paper on the foam board on both sides unless it is specified in the plans right? I looked at a few of the awesome...
  3. X

    looking for plane for a lite 3D fam board plane

    Hi, So I have build a few ft planes now and want to make something they do not have yet. I have this 2805/50 24g Motor (or alternatively a power pack A : MT1806 ) with quite a few 2s 360 mah batteries. With this setup, the motor can apparently generate around 280g of thrust (with a 9*4.7). I...
  4. X

    Using Elmer's foam board

    Hi everyone, I live in France and as you may know we don't have dollar tree foam in Europe so I am looking for replacements. I have looked into most forum post about it but can't realy find a definitive answer to my question. I want to scratch build a FT 3D. I have already tried building a...
  5. J

    First Time Scratch Build

    I am just starting to get into the hobby and am working on making a mini arrow. I decided to run out and get dollar tree foam board instead of ordering a speed build kit (bad idea?). I have had the plans printed out full scale and am about to begin construction. My question is to whether the...
  6. X

    New to Flite Test, Need help on the Versa Wing loops and other aerobatics

    Hey everyone, My name is Axel and I just started again in the hobby. I flew for maybe 5 years when I was youger all kind of planes ( Foamy high wing trainers, Depron miniplanes, Big motoglider) and a bit of helicopter. That was just when the brushless motors started to become popular in my...
  7. P

    Hello...your advice is much appreciated

    Hello from New Zealand I'm a complete noob in regards to r/c flight and builds. I have just brought a spektrum dx6 and phoenix 5 flight sim to get some stress free practice in. I am looking at building a ft versa and maybe a ft tiny trainer, however I'm finding the foam board hard to find. I...
  8. L

    Bushwhacker Float Plane (with waterproof foam board)

    Make a Bushwhacker with the new waterproof foam board and put floats on it. Better yet, sell a laser cut kit for the waterproof Bushwhacker with the parts to build the floats. I would buy one. Can I order one now? Since it might be a bit 'til the waterproof board is readily available to the...
  9. M

    foam board

    hello guys. sorry not talk in spanish :( but i'm portuguese so is better talk in english. I would like to know how you call the foam board in spanish and if you know where can i find it. I tried to search in Portugal but have scales of A4 paper or A3 paper so i can't get my foam board with my...
  10. D

    Paint Adhesion On Packing Tape

    Hell Guys and Gals, I use Rustoleum spray paint on my DTFB models but there is no adhesion to the taped parts. The paint can be pealed off like a separate layer of plastic. Has anyone found a solution that will not damage the foam board parts?
  11. R

    Adams Readi-Board shipped to the UK (and international) for £1.66 per board :-)

    Adams Readi-Board shipped to the UK (and international) for £1.66 (ish) per board :-) Good news eh? I've just spoken to who make the Readi-Board that FliteTest use and that is sold at and they told me that they supply the board to a company called Bazic...
  12. BurningArmada

    My KF Airfoil Sport Glider

    After building multiple Versa wings, I figured I would try my hand at designing my own wing design. I decided to go with a Kline–Fogleman stepped airfoil for the simplicity and glide characteristics. In an effort to balance the air frame without adding any extra weights to the nose, I...
  13. C

    foam board size

    hi i am ordering a simple storch speed build kit and i want to order some foam to trace the kit on to. I live in england so i can't get my hands on dollar tree foam board. i have found some that someone recommended but they do various sizes i just wanted to know what dimensions and thickness of...
  14. ScreamingChicken

    Any Kiwis tried Warehouse Stationery 5mm foamboard?

    I'm based in Whangarei, trying to find some half decent foamboard for building. Seems my only 2 real choices locally are Warehouse Stationery (who only seem to have the 5mm 20"x30" sheets) and Bunnings that sells Elmers 5mm foamboard. From looking through the forums, it sounds like Elmers is...
  15. P

    Dollar Tree foam bord alternative?

    Hey Guys im pretty new to this hobby , i ordered the Ft scout from the store and because i am living in Germany, i cant buy the Dollar Tree Foam board. The problem is that im thinking the plane will crash at some time and the i need to fix it but with wich foam? So, do someone know which foam to...
  16. t3yf5g

    First time using Glue gun

    I have my FT mini scout kit coming tomorrow and picked up a glue gun and some sticks. I noticed the Hosts using Ad Tech Pro200 glue gun and purchased that. The glue stick were of the same brand and the Multitemp ones. I did some gluing on my quad to cover up the PCB connections and the glue...
  17. C

    Bat wing 70mm edf jet. with lights,bombs,missiles, and retracts
  18. V

    Foam Board in Australia

    Anyone looking for Foam Board sheets in Australia I have found this site useful and for Depron foam sheets here
  19. S

    UK Foam Board for wings/fuselage - 5mm Vitrex from Screwfix

    Just happened to be over at a friend's house when he was doing some laminate flooring and he had the below 5mm insulation foam. Looks just the job for making wings, and it's pretty cheap too! I folded over a piece of scrap to see how strong it was for a leading edge and it looks good. It will...
  20. F

    Where to get Foam Board in Brisbane, Australia

    Hey guys I have searched all over for foam board in Brisbane from hardware stores to art shops to reject shops. I was wondering if anyone in the Brisbane area knows where to get foam board and if so could guide me to your foamy sources! Thank you!