foam board

  1. Jonny Gum

    Foam Board Master Series PT-17 Stearman- FREE PLANS!

    (GO TO PAGE 11 FOR PLANS AND BUILD VIDEO) So I have always been around the real Stearman because my grandfather restores and flies them. I decided to make the Stearman because I had a balsa wood kit lying around for a rubber band powered model. I took the plans to Staples and got them scaled...
  2. K

    Lightening Foam Board for Mini Arrow

    I just finished cutting out new foam board for a mini arrow. I will be using all of the electronics from a recently destroyed tiny trainer that was using the power pack A. I weighed a sheet of the uncut foam board that I picked up at Hobby Lobby and it is ~250 grams, which is way heavier than...
  3. SP0NZ

    *Unofficial* FT P-40

    FT P-40 Warhawk Designed By: Andres Lu Plans By: Dan Sponholz Description: Coming Soon Speed Build Kit: Coming Soon Power Pack Compatibility: Power Pack C Specs: Wingspan: Center of Gravity: Control Surface Throws: Expo Suggestions: Free Plans: FT P-40 Warhawk Plans Printing...
  4. Bando FPV

    Swappable Lockheed Vega Scratch Build!!!

    Hey guys! I've been working on my first Foam Board Design the Lockheed Vega. I was looking around on Wikipedia searching for different planes to design that I haven't seen anyone else do before. I then came to Lockheed Vega. The name sounded familiar so I started researching. I later found out...
  5. sms021

    Parallax Foam Board Build Help?

    FliteTest did an article a while back about Terry Dunn and his Parallax design. I followed the links and purchased the plans thinking it would be a fun build. After receiving the plans it quickly became apparent that I'm not in a space where I can work with large sheets of blue foam and make...
  6. Flyer4god

    Mini Corsair mods - The Frankenstein

    Some “upscale” experimenting with leftover foamboard. 1. Full bottom airfoil (inspired by NerdNic) 2. Rounded cowling 3. Fully rounded bottom of the fuse I call it the Frankenstein haha If anyone has any ideas what else is doable to scale her up, let me know! (:
  7. Scooter The White Rabbit


    Anyone attempt it? I have a Testors hard plastic model to build for me other half (The Black Bird is her baby!). Suddenly in my mind I saw the long body and integrated wings and tall rudders of this bird in brown foam board. But not two, but two EDF's in each long engine pod. 1. How do you...
  8. Ventus

    Sbach 300 - an attempt at a lightweight build out of heavy 5mm european foam board

    Updates Update #1 - the Wings Update #2 - Fuselage (part 1) | #2a | #2b Original post: I guess the title says it all ;). Here's the concept drawing that I'll be using to design the parts: The Goals While I can fly basic aerobatics, I could use some inexpensive trainer to try to start...
  9. Ventus

    FT foam board weight

    Couldn't find the info so I thought I'd ask here , does anyone know what the weight (per area) of the FliteTest foam board is? I suspect it is a fair bit lighter than what I am using and would like to confirm this (or else I am really careless with the glue or deficient in some other area...
  10. Ventus

    Building the Balrog - 2kg/70oz biplane - out of foamboard (but also balsa and plywood ;)

    Description The goal of the project was to make use of a couple of old ~450W+ motors (Dualsky XM3548CA-5 850kV and Turnigy C3548 900kV) and four 4s 2300mAh LiFe battery packs that have been lying around idle for several years now. Since this stuff is pretty heavy, and since I like biplanes, it...
  11. GMalatrasi

    First Build: From LongEZ to not-so-easy Starship >_<

    Hello Everyone, and welcome to my first scratch build thread! This all started when I decided it was time to build my first foam board plane and went on to order the speed-build kit for the FT LongEZ. Once I ordered that, I began to order all the electronic components for it; and I figured it'd...
  12. CatholicFlyer

    Started The Building Of The Mosquito

    My dad found this foam board at Walmart, it is thicker than dollar foam board, also has some monokote layer on it, super hard to cut not sure if I can get it to bend into the fuselage of the Mossie. Have you heard about this board? @Chuppster @DamoRC
  13. flitetest

    Plane FT Charlie Plans 1.1

    FT Charlie The Flite Test Charlie was designed to be a quick and easy to fly build, the slowest and least agile of the Triad series. The FT Charlie is compatible with the FT Alpha and FT Bravo kits. Each airplanes’ wings are built to be removable from the fuselage, and can be swapped with...
  14. B

    Solved Foam Board Australia

    Hi, I was looking for foam board big enough and light enough to make a Viggen out of it. so which foam would you guys recommend me to use? Thanks -Boxy!
  15. fliteadmin

    Plane FT Goblin Plans 1.0

    FT Goblin The FT Goblin was born from a collaboration between FliteTest and ReadyMade RC to create a foamboard version of their STRIX Goblin, a high-performance FPV plane. This plane fills the gap between the STRIX Goblin and the Nano Goblin in both size and speed, as it is scaled to fly off...
  16. CatholicFlyer

    Planning To Build The Nieuport 24

    After I get back into flying by the way of the HobbyZone Champ airplane that @flitetest reviewed and re-learn, I plan on getting the Ross Foam Board from Walmart, if our Walmart has it in Western Kansas, then get some electronics and engine to make the World War One Irish Ace Edward Corringham...
  17. Rcjay509

    3d flyer build

    I started flying rc again this year after my bestfriend convinced me to buy the super cub s by horizon hobby.It has been 13 years since I've flown Rc.I started getting good at flying my super cub so I decided to build my first 3d flyer.I noticed the 3d flyers aren't cheap from the hobby stores...
  18. hockeychris26

    6mm White Depron

    Hello all, I am selling my excess hobby grade depron. I have about 4 cases of 6x700x1000mm all from Each case has 20 sheets and I am selling each case for $100 ( plus shipping). I am trying to get rid of this stuff before I head back to college so I don't leave my poor mom with a...
  19. SP0NZ

    Rascal CNC

    RASCAL CNC CUT IT - BUILD IT - FLY IT The Team: Nic Lechner (nerdnic) Todd Optional (Litke) () Kevin Matusik (blackkrystal73) Dan Sponholz (SP0NZ) The Goal: Deliver free plans and instructions to build a DIY hobby-grade CNC machine focused on the model airplane community. Dedication...
  20. W

    Can you make the swappables with HK foam

    In australia you cant get the dollar tree foam board, so this is the best alternative. When watching the build videos it seems like the designs rely on the paper backing, which I do not believe the hobbyking foam has. Is it then possible to make the designs with it? Link...