ft flyer

  1. M

    Ft Flyer Flaps Experiment

    I created an article and would like some feedback before it is published. Hello, this is my first article and I wanted to do it on something I recently completed (5 minutes ago) and also to contribute to the great volume of articles on this great site. Anyway my landings with the FT Flyer have...
  2. Maingear

    FT Flyer with Ailerons Solves CG Issue

    My Flyer was tail heavy so I added a micro servo, two rods, corndog stick ends (control horns) and cut some foam..... WOW! Completely different flight characteristics! It's doesn't bobble around in a light breeze, rock solid entry and exits out of turns. Ailerons should be part of the basic...
  3. J

    FT Flyer

    My first build was great fun and easier than I expected. I mounted my Mobius Action Cam on the top in front of the servos, because I noticed my wings flexing a lot. I added rubber bands to the tips and attach under fuselage. This shows how much they STILL flex , probably normal but was a...
  4. B

    Fun Flying Video

    Hey Everyone, Im starting a new youtube channel. Planes, cars and just interesting stuff in general. Please consider subscribing and commenting. Thanks! Here is some fun flying footage featuring the FT Flyer! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrPp93kPukk&list=UU7HJD1Kh8JGMcvhlYK0q0vw
  5. F

    FT Flyer troubles (stability and odd tendancies)

    Hello! I have been flying my ft flyer for a couple weeks now and can not seem to fix a problem I am having. I would not describe it myself as being stable how Josh Scott described it in the ft delta video. Here's the problem: If I let the nose down any more than twenty or thirty degrees for...
  6. P

    Prop substitute for FT Flyer

    Can someone recommend a good substitute to the recommended prop for the FT flyer (GWS EP Propeller (RD-8043 203x109mm) (6pcs/set)). Preferably one that is available in the HK EU warehouse. Thanks!
  7. R

    FT Flyer Rear Facing

    Hi Guys, I finally had a video worth posting here that isn't a question or a problem. I mounted my mobious facing toward the tail of my FT Flyer on a 2 foam board thick pedestal right over the front tabs for the power pod. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) the FT Flyer flies by incidence...
  8. Montiey

    Next step up from the Champ

    Soo.. my HZ Champ is dead *sniff*.. Just how different is the FT Flyer? Im waiting on the electronics to get here from hobby kings EU warehouse- DON'T ORDER FROM THERE IF U R IN THE U.S. Stuff takes months to arrive. I'll be using a 1300kv motor on a 3 cell lipo. Anyone knows how this setup...
  9. J

    FT Flyer Indoors

    Bad weather is here in Ontario and wanted to build something I could fly in our church Gym. Here is a video of an attempt. Flying with high alpha makes this go very slow. It can also hover for a little bit. (my first attempt at 3D, LOL) http://youtu.be/qcCseE3LamY
  10. L

    FT Flyer Target Weight

    Hello Friends, I have a beginner question for building my first scratch build. What should be the target weight for my FT Flyer? Motor: 24gram Brushless Outrunner 1500kv Prop: Slow fly 8x4.5 Battery: 3S 1000mah Esc: Hobbyking SS Series 18-20A ESC Radio: Old futuba attack 4 AM radio My current...
  11. E

    How much much space for FT Flyer?

    I've got my FT Flyer built, all my electronics working, radio set up, but no where to go! Having never actually done this before, how much space should I be looking for to motor around?
  12. R

    New on Flitetest / looking for advice about starting in Europe

    Hi everyone, I wondered if some of you have experience in buying parts for the swapable series in Europe. I'm from the Netherlands myself. I never flew an RC plane before. I thought it would be nice to start of with an FT flyer. I'm mostly trying to get some information about the hobby and...
  13. Jimmy the Heater

    The FT Flyer thread

    I was thinking we needed a thread just for the FT Flyer. Mods, success or fail stories, problems etc all in one place. I'll start off with a bit of a success story. My first swappable and it flies! Well sort of. This is only my second RC plane and I'm sure my skill set is not the best way...
  14. U

    FT Flyer FAIL

    Hey all I am a newbie, Just finished my first FT flyer and finally had a nice day to take it out and go flying. Well flying is somewhat of a misnomer since all the plane would to is roll over inverted and crash repeatedly into the ground eventually smashing the firewall. Any idea what I did...
  15. D

    FT Flyer, Meet Pole.