1. Merck

    Gremlin Illustration

    I want to put the Gremlin Illustration on a plane. Love that design. Is there anywhere I can get that?
  2. S

    Broken Gremlin

    Hey guys/gals, After spending the last week or so trying to learn air mode on the gremlin, i managed to break the frame tonight. I seemed to recall that in one of the volgs Josh mentioned that the delrin frames are warrantied against breakage. It really doesn't matter much to me, as I plan to...
  3. S

    Noob that is at a lose with betaflight

    Hey guys, this is my first post after finally joining the hobby after being a fly on the walls for a few years now. I just received the ft gremlin and can't wait to put it together, but I'm having issues flashing the femto f3 board like it shows in the build video. Hopefully you all can help me...
  4. S

    Sluggish Gremlin

    Hey guys. Got a new to forum posting, new to multi-rotor, but not so new to Flite Test guy from Iowa here. I've been flying Ft planes for about 2 years now but I'm currently stumped. I recently built a gremlin (TJ frame), and had a blast building and flying at first. Flew on 2S and 3S for aprox...
  5. KMechie

    FT Gremlin - modifications to the FT Crew's stock frames

    Has anyone done any special modifications to the existing FliteTest frames? I've seen people designing their own frames from scratch, but not much in terms of using the existing FT designs and printing custom mounts / landing struts and whatnot. The Gremlins are still fairly young, so I'm sure...
  6. pinpoint45

    sp F3 femto (gremlin) low batt buzzer as lost quad buzzer?

    so i noticed that the FC has the ability to buzz when the vbatt is too low. is it at all possible to access that buzzer to be used on for example Aux2 as a lost model buzzer? is it something that will require CLI coding? is it just not possible? i have tried setting the channel switch in the...
  7. F

    Tiny Kwad HD Camera Mod how to video for your gremlins

    Hi everyone, My name is Jake I've been an author on Flitetest for about 5 years now. But, I've never posted to the forum before! My friend Fred cleaned the article section up and my short to the point style doesn't really match the article flow. Like everyone I have a bunch of responsibilities...
  8. FoamyDM

    FoamyDM - Gremlin Build- Please help

    This Forum has had me VERY excited to get into and build one of these Gremlins. The Thursday before two weekends ago it came in however, I was finishing prep and cleanup on a DND event for that weekend, and most of this week involved late family and friend nights. so Last night was my first...
  9. M

    Taranis Q X7 and Gremlins

    I recently bought my Q X7 and am curious if I can bind it to the Gremlin's recommended Spectrum receiver?
  10. Beau_LunaWolf

    Gremlin Issue Help!

    Hello, Recently I was able to get my Gremlin up and flying. Quad is super quiet and is very smooth. I thought I would be ready to FPV, but it turns out my camera is having issues sending signal to my goggles. I currently am using the Fatshark Teleporter V4s that were sold under Horizon Hobby...
  11. Michael9865

    My First Quad Build - The FT Gremlin

    I have lurked on the sidelines watching all the people building and enjoying their quadcopters and tricopters, not to mention the hexs and octos. When I saw the FT guys flying the Gremlins around their shop I knew that my first Quad build would be a FT Gremlin. I didn't order quickly enough to...
  12. T

    Gremlin kwad vibrations

    Hello! I am new in the drone community and just finished the construction of my Gremlin kwadcopter! But I am having problems... Whenever I go above about 1/3ish throttle i get SUPER jello and at higher throttles the FC gets angry and the kwad freaks out. I have tried messing with the PIDs to...
  13. P

    Flite Test Gremlin competition

    Hey guys I've been considering buying an atom v3 recently because I've got lots of land at my house but it's very wooded. The trees are far enough apart that I could have fun with something like the atom weaving in and about. What complicates things is that now that the Gremlin is out I'm...
  14. F

    Gremlin Noob having trouble arming the motors. Day 4 :(

    Hi everyone, I am brand new to multi rotors. I have flown a eachine 010. Built the Gremlin following TJ's video. Here is the current state. I can get Betaflight to see and flash spracingf3evo one day to figure out how to get into DFU mode, whatever that means. I was also able to get my rx...
  15. T

    Thanks for having me! Glad to be a member of the community. (Also, quick question)

    All, Nice to meet everyone, thank you in advance for the greetings! I'm a long time enthusiast of the youtube channel and I love RC in general. I am starting on my first RC FPV venture, and I plan to start off by building a Gremlin. I plan to order a power pack with the hyperion 600TVL...
  16. B

    Emax Femto F3.. I Fried It

    Looking for a bit of help locating the regulator it still all powers up via the usb and works fine in betaflight, Just looking for some help locating the regulator i have attached a link to pictures but they have come out terrible quality. any help is appreciated. I have come to this forum as i...
  17. A

    Gremlin Emax motor faulty, need replacement!

    Hey Flitetest, I already submitted a Support inquiry about this but I haven't heard anything in 24 hours now and these things always bother me to no end so I feel impulsive to try and get a response lol. (But sorry if I'm being pushy) My Case number is 43646 Basically, one of my motors on my...
  18. J

    I want a gremlin... (can't decide on a drone)

    I recently got an Eachine QX70 ( and it was really fun, but I was unimpressed with its build quality. I have covered the thing in hot glue trying to fix it. I really want a tiny whoop that could withstand my flying, but was...
  19. A

    Gremlin HYPE/website support?

    Hey everyone, I'm new so I figured I'll just post here. Anyone excited for the gremlin power pack I can't wait to get my hands on one :D they keep teasing it I just want to buy one already. I own an inductrix fpv and unfortunately have been pretty dissappointed with the battery life which Im...