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  1. M

    RcExplorer Quadrone

    Does anybody have or know of plans for the quadrone made by David Windestal at RcExplorer? I want to make one for a naza system I'll hopefully get for Christmas. Cheers, Malik
  2. T

    Saab JAS 39 Gripen

    Update: The sketchup plans are good, increased the length of the slot for the wing. Here are a couple photos of it taped together to test fit the parts. Been really kicking the idea of building a pusher jet. Started hunting around for three view drawings and found this as a good candidate...
  3. W

    Two-Page Dusty Glider

    I just finished building this tiny 10" wingspan glider design based heavily on the FT scratch builds. -Print out the two letter-size drawings attached. -Cut and glue the profiles to some dollar-store foam -Carefully cut the foam following the printed profiles -Form the airfoil using the method...
  4. S

    Please help finding plans and help with current plane.

    Hey guys, Atm I'm flying a Robbe Student (O.S. 25FP 4cc Motor) but when I'm taking off it want's to turn to the left to the point that I can't help it and have to ask someone in the club to help, does anyone has some ideas how I can remedy this. Second I want to ask if someone has/can find...
  5. S

    Slow stick

    Hi Guys, I am new to flying and wanted to build a slow stick flyer with a square carbon fiber and some foam. Does anyone have any good plans for the plane I can use. Thanks, Sid
  6. A

    Heinkel HE 51 Foamboard Plans

    So a while ago I decided to try and make some plans for a swappable, and I went with the Heinkel HE 51. Why an HE 51? Idunno, seemed like a good idea at the time. This is the first finished version, feel free to download and build the plans. If you encounter a problem building or flying it...
  7. S

    Tiled Plans not lining up

    Hi everyone Bought myself some foam today for my first build. Downloaded and printed the FT Flyer tiled plans but i cannot get all the parts to line up. Anybody else had this issue? anybody have a solution?
  8. S

    Printing full-sized plans

    I'm sorry if this is a dumb question, but I can't tell what the dimensions of the full-sized Spitfire plans are. I have a local print shop that will print them full-sized, but do I need to tell them the dimensions? Just need a little guidance here. Thanks in advance! S
  9. T

    FA/18f Super Hornet built up profile with plans

    This a design based around the dimensions of a F-22 that Ive already built and flown. 29 1/2" wingspan 40" long. I've flown the f-22 with 70g from the "beef" powerpack from lazertoys all the way down to a 3000kv 24g from strong rc. This one can be setup as elevons only, ailerons and elevator...
  10. Mik3

    How to print the tiled plans

    Hey guys, I have done a search and can't find if I am correct in assuming that I can print the FT Racer Tiled Plans as is without specifying some option settings for my printer? If so - do I just cut the overlapped paper margin off and tape together in the order it shows and cut my foam using...
  11. B

    Searching for Messerschmitt

    I was looking through the Power Pod builds and could have sworn I saw one for a Messerschmitt. Somehow I managed to close the page. Now I look back and cannot find the plans. Now I am not positive that I saw what I thought I saw. Can somebody help me out and show me where it is or refocus my...
  12. T

    Printing plans?

    I'm want to build the ft versa wing but don't have enough money to buy it. I wanted to use the plans online to make it but was unsure how to print it. I have access:confused to a plotter so i can print the full size plans but was unsure how to print it and keep it to scale. Can anyone give me an...
  13. jsut210

    Good Plane For a 31cc Gas Engine

    So about a month ago, I ran into a ryobi weed eater that was being tossed. Being fascinated with anything mechanical, I snatched the thing right up and got her running great again. Now that I have this massive engine, what plane could I put it on? I'm looking to scratch build one out of the...
  14. P

    A Collaborative STOL

    I need Help to do a finished plan for one STOL 701 Swappable! I already start a draw and it is on 3D warehouse for skechtup: http://sketchup.google.com/3dwarehouse/details?mid=95fd35296359d90c12d89baf9b32f373&prevstart=0 I´m thinking it will be better to keep all servos in cockpit space...
  15. RedTwenty

    Red20RC - New Australian website for building, flying and crashing!

    G'day :D I couldn't think of anywhere else in the forum to put this so I put it here (as it is sort of a service - albeit a free one). We've just launched a new website for building, flying and crashing FT style models and other electrics and gliders. We're interested in sharing stories, wins...
  16. N

    Three views

    Where is the best website to get three view pictures with formers/"build up" outlines.
  17. amtpdb1

    Would be nice to have the plans before the build video

    It would be nice it the plans were put out before the build video. We could have the parts cut out and ready to put together when the videos come out. I was looking forward to building one of the Disney planes over the 3 day weekend, but with out the plans, that did not happen! Just a thought.
  18. B

    Transferring plans to foam board?

    OK, simple nooby question. I am starting into scratch building with a Bloody Wonder. Here is my question: How do I transfer the lines from the plans to the foam board? I can see laying the plans on top of the board and poking a pin or thumbtack through at each corner and then "connecting the...
  19. T

    plans for flying wings???

    hey does anyone have good flying wing plan i can use i only have a sheet of foam, if any one does can they please tell me were i can get plans. cheers