1. E

    Back on the sticks.

    Hi all, I'm just getting back into flying after a 10 year break. Just bought a Simple Storch and trying to figure out my 9xr after only having flown analog 35 Mhz before. I started off flying SPAD ( simple plastic airplane design) and scratch built all my planes. I have a lot of questions and...
  2. P

    Still need help with an FT Storch

    Hi guys - I asked this once and I am thankful for the answers but I still need more help. I built an FT Storch, I have installed the servos and have everything ready. The rudder and rear ailerons (I hope I use the correct terms) are working but I have no idea what to do with the wings. I cut...
  3. jkeyes7

    Best plane to follow the storch

    I got the storch as my first build. I had a good time building it and I've gotten pretty good at flying it with no crashes yet, knock on wood. I am a beginner and I have some other friends that are joining me with this hobby. I am thinking about slightly upgrading for my next build. Would the...
  4. Gaz.Spencer

    Giant 2m Span Coroplast Storch

    A friend and I recently set out to build a big plane, and now we did it. In under about 10 hours work put together. Hopefully a flight video will come soon. Setup: -Hobbyking Donkey 810kv Outrunner with 12 inch prop -Hobbyking 30 Amp ESC -HXT900 9gram servos (Should be enough ;) -3300mah LiPo...
  5. L

    My FT Simple Storch should arrive tomorrow! Tips or Pointers?!

    I should be receiving my Speed Build kit for the FT Simple Storch tomorrow, as well as my new Tran/Receiv. and I should be ready to fly after the build! Before I start, what tips/pointers do you all have to a first time builder, first time flier and a very hyped up 16 year old!?
  6. smithhayward

    FT Storch - Motor & Prop Choice

    So I'm nearing the completion of the FT Storch build (applause...) So, I was testing my electronics and I nearly killed my Leopard Hobby LC2826-12T 1380kv with a 9x6 prop. Got it all the way up to 25A (max for motor is 18) and I smelled something so I shutdown immediately. Seems like I saved...
  7. C

    Storch First Build - questions

    I am tackling my first ever build. I have the wing completed so far (yeah I am slow) I have a couple of questions for now. RX - I really like AS3X but I am not going to pay Spektrum prices. How is this RX...
  8. Rasterize

    FT Simple Storch - Beauty Shots

    Some of you guys have great looking builds. Lets see your FT Storch! Post a beauty shot of your FT Storch build even if you have posted one before. It's nice to have them all in one place. Maybe someone will make a calendar...hmmmmm. I just might do that! :D Finally added some pics from my...
  9. mesolost

    FT Simple Storch OMG I'm in love

    OMG! I'm SO in love. ^_^ I'm SEVERELY limited in materials as I begin my journey into the skies so here's what I complete f'd up. The landing gear is made with coat hangars. The wheels are cut and shaped from some solid foam blocks they used to keep the parts of commercial equipment from...
  10. BoustropheDon

    Storch finished at last.

    It has taken me far too long to build this. Along the way I have made some errors. I seem to have installed the control horns on the wrong sides at the back, so the rudder and elevator have had to have the throws reversed. OK as long as I remember to do it. It looks better in the picture than...
  11. BanditJacksRC

    FT Simple Storch.. First Build - First RC Flight - First Forum Post.. EVER!

    First build, first flight, first forum post! I have never built or flown any RC plane before, but wanted to get into the hobby. I came across FT after doing some research online, and like many others I immediately was infatuated with the Foam Board planes. I decided to build a Vans RV-10 from...
  12. V

    3D Printed landing gear legs for FT-Storch

    I am not good at bending steel wire to make landing gear :( So I drew up some landing gear legs in Sketchup and printed legs for my Storch; they're plenty sturdy and only about 30g heavier than the steel gear setup. For those interested in printing a set for themselves, I've posted the...
  13. T

    FT Storch maiden (Built from tiled build plans)

    Also what is the NTM Prop drive equivalent of the Thanks and enjoy! Flew great after, you can see other vids on my channel.
  14. T

    Ft Storch landing gear

    Just finished building the Storch with the free build plans, all i need now is the landing gear. How long are the pieces of landing gear wire??? Thanks
  15. P

    Building a Storch using heavier Elmers Foamboard

    You guys got me hooked last spring with your quad and tri copter kits and they were a a lot of fun. I've now ordered and built my first fixed wing bird (The Storch) and flew it last weekend. It was my first time flying more than 3 channels (used the flaperon setup). While waiting for the...
  16. R

    Storch, crazy pitch change with throttle - Normal?

    Hey guys. I've been flying my storch around and it's awesome, but this is my first experience with a plane of this type (I started with hot wire-cut airfoil, foam flying wings, believe it or not) and I have a little issue that I am not sure is normal or not. As it stands right now, if I give...