1. SP0NZ

    *Unofficial* FT MiG-3

    FT MiG-3 Description: The FT Mig 3 is a result of a wonderful to your collaboration with one of our community members, Nic Lechner. Nic’s incredible design has been simplified so it can be built as fast as it flies. The FT Mig 3 uses the same familiar techniques that are incorporated in all...
  2. C

    Mini Ducted Fan - Vought F7U Cutlass

    This aircraft was not such a great full size plane but maybe you could take it to the small scale and make it work? I was thinking this could evovle into a swappable motor pod with a mini ducted fan for other platforms? Or even a multi rotor ducted fan? Just thinking out loud here.......
  3. aarongerhart

    FT Delta Absurdly Nose Heavy?

    Hey all, I've been into RC for a bit now, but have just recently started building my own aircraft. I decided to try out the FT Delta before getting into regular wings, and it came together very nicely... However, the only way I can get it to balance out correctly is if the battery is mounted at...
  4. agentkbl

    FPV Challenge!

    Alright, i was watching one of your videos from four years ago, and i had an idea. have a competition on building an airplane (swappable or something) through a board cam. like blindfolded by wearing fatsharks, and only able to look at what you are doing via the board cam. then have the airplane...
  5. JGplanes

    Prop overspeed? - sudden vibration

    Hello... Newbie here, but longtime FT watcher. My son and I are finally getting into scratch building, and built our first power pod last night! Yay, he's so excited! We're basically using the guts from an Ares P-51; Park 370 motor, 18A ESC, 600mA 3C battery, I think (new to this). Everything...
  6. tmack

    My first Versa Wing build

    This was from templates I cut from DTFB. The next one will be better, you learn a lot going through the process the first time. I covered the top with Yellow packing tape so we will know if it is inverted or not. We are going to fly with a power pod to start. I have an Emax 2812, so it...
  7. tmack

    Nutball Build

    My son and I just built a Nutball this weekend. It was pretty windy for flying, but we flew anyway. Next weekend there is an indoor flying event so we are looking forward to that as well. Here is how we outfitted our NutBall. I bought a 5 pack of power pods and should have bought the laser...
  8. B

    Combat Falcon

    While I'm printing out my new quad design, I found myself with some time. SO, with that time I decided to watch a bunch of flite test videos haha and build a combat plane. Modeled it after a Peregrine Falcon. Illustrator scale plans soon! Check it out!
  9. T

    Battery Charger for Swapple

    Looks like the Flight Test Store is out of the "800mAh 3s 20c Lipo Battery" and I went to Hobby Town, when I told them what I wanted to do "Foam board airplane" they just walked away, and said they have nothing at this level. Question: With a XT60<->JST adapterer will the "LUMENIER 1000MAH 3S...
  10. jkeyes7

    Best plane to follow the storch

    I got the storch as my first build. I had a good time building it and I've gotten pretty good at flying it with no crashes yet, knock on wood. I am a beginner and I have some other friends that are joining me with this hobby. I am thinking about slightly upgrading for my next build. Would the...
  11. J

    FT Explorer Tractor?

    Has anyone built and flown an FT Explorer and used a traditional swappable power pod in it to fly it as a tractor and not a pusher?
  12. Centus

    Swappable "Blackwing"

    Here is a test flight video of a new swappable design that I've been working on, called "Blackwing". I used SPONZ's Bloody Wonder mk3 fuselage and wing design (with some small modifications) and designed a new tail and canard. Enjoy! https://youtu.be/3akYgRvUbzI
  13. DangerMcNasty

    Blohm & Voss BV-141 (World War II German tactical reconnaissance aircraft) SWAPPABLE!

    Blohm &amp; Voss BV-141 (World War II German tactical reconnaissance aircraft) SWAPPABLE! Hello All, I am underway on designing a foam board swappable BV-141. This will be my first design project using Google sketchup and the Flite Test swappable concept, but not my first scratch build. I would...
  14. Centus

    Modification to FT Flyer for THE BEEF

    Hi all, Newbie to R/C flying and Flitetest here! I'd like to show y'all my FT Flyer build that I just finished last night which includes a simple but hopefully worthy modification. Quick backstory, last week I built my first foamie (a FT Mustang) from the speed-build kit. It went really well...
  15. O

    Swappable Baron 58

    Hello my name is Callum. I am new to scratch building and have decided to make a swappable replica of a Baron 58. It used 3 sheets of a1 foam board. The plans are not finalised yet but if you would like them just pm me and ill get therm right to you with a few instructions. Thanks for reading...
  16. bpw823

    DesCom Flier - Single Engine - Triple Fuselage Config.

    So, I decided to design a scratch build that would be as custom and unconventional as possible, while still following the following requirements; -It must be swappable -It must be single-engine -It must use a very simple construction method -It must have some sort of closed loop/box wing...
  17. M

    Elevons and Mixing Help Req- FT Delta

    Hi All, This is my first post here; I'm very, very new to RC and following an airboat that I've built, after finding Flitetest on YouTube, I decided to build the Delta. The build went ok thanks to all the videos and advice on here and I'm happy with it and the powerpod. My problem is...
  18. S

    Gamera with Power pod

    Here is a short video of a hydroplane that I made. Hope you like it. https://youtu.be/AvBiJvHrwJI
  19. S

    FT-3D, Pun Jet & Viggen ready for maiden

    My current FT line-up ready for maiden. Wanted to get some before pics in case they don't return in the same condition. All the plans were plotted and manually cut out of Adams (Dollar Tree/DG) foam board. The FT-3D is actually my second build for that plane. Tried flying the first one on a DX5e...
  20. B

    scaled down versa

    hey everyone. i just wanted to know if anyone has tried doing a scaled down versa wing. i was thinking maybe like 60%. i dont want to spend the money on new electronics such as motor and esc and all i have is the small 24 gram motor for my ft flyer. im worried that a full scale versa...