[B]Share your camera settings and tricks here! [/B]


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What type of camera do you use?

What setting do you find best for aerial footage? (720 60? 1080 30?? etc)

What angle do you like the most?

How do you mount/ what do you use to mount your camera(s)?

What is your favourite thing to video? Scenery? Sports? Etc

What do you like to see in aerial videos on YouTube and the web?

Any other tips, tricks and general info on eachother's setups?


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When everyone helps eachother out, everyone benefits and the world becomes a better place! :D

I use a GoPro Hero

I quite like the 1080 - 30 fps as of now, still experimenting as of now ..

I'm almost complete a homemade GoPro gimbal made using two 9g servos and wood