1. N

    Newbie Tri-Copter won't fly. Help!

    I just got in to Tri-Copters and built my first one. I went with Fortis Airframes Titan. I put everything together, paired the Tx and Rx, and nothing is happening. I've watched a lot of youtube videos, and read all kinds of forums. any help would be awesome. heres a list of the gear. KK2...
  2. C

    ARF Tricopter in flite test store

    This could get so many more people into the hobby and I think more people would buy this version instead of a kit which could take a month to build and a headache over the tools needed! I really hope other people feel the same way and I hope their is something in the future for this.
  3. L

    Noob Tricopter Keeps Flipping getting discouraged

    I have Turnigy Multistar esc's. 2-30amp ones and 1-15amp one. a kk2 board. batbone frame I kept flipping on what I wanted to be my maiden flight. I can't even get it to hover. I Hexa checked that props and motor rotation were correct. I thought I calibrated the esc's because i heard the beeping...
  4. T

    Can anyone recommend an alternative to BlueBird BMS-385DMAX?

    I'm building a Tricopter 2.6HV based off of David's instructions here. He recommends a BlueBird BMS-385DMAX for the rear servo. Hobbyking is out of stock and has been that way for a few weeks. Can anyone recommend an alternative servo? Thanks!
  5. R

    I lost my tri-copter need advice on GPS return to home

    Hi I built a tri-copter the same as David's ( and managed to get 3 good flights out of it. The 4th flight was the last time I saw it. Basically I lost orientation and and it just got further away and it dropped into a farmers field and despite searching several times its gone...
  6. A

    Calling All Experienced Multirotorists, beginner in need of some advice.

    I have built a tricopter and I think i have not properly matched my major components. I will start by admitting that I don't really know what I am doing. I finally put together a working machine and flew (crashed repeatedly) for a few minutes. I was experiencing a lot of problems getting a...
  7. S

    My first build, RcExplorer Tricopter

    Here's my build of the RcExplorer tricopter, spent a fair few nights on this, excited to fly. All electronics are programmed and KK2 is ready. Got 3 x 3S 2200MAH to keep me flying for a few minutes. Very happy with the design from David, also using his tricopter plate with signature. KK2...
  8. M

    9xr Template for a Tricopter

    Hi, can anyone tell me witch 9xr Template is best to use for a Tricopter The Heli seem to be OK, but it has some issues. I was hopeing if something mite work better, Thanks
  9. James

    RCexplorer custom made FPV Tricopter

    Here is my Tricopter based on the famous David Windestål AKA RC Explorer design. This build has been constructed with care and attention to detail. It is very stable and agile. The Tricopter folds up for easy storage/transport and helps to reduce damage in the event of a crash by absorbing...
  10. A

    I can't find the Tri-copters flying through an old building episode.

    A number of weeks ago I watched one of the flitetest episodes, where the main guys were using fpv, and flying through an old derelict building. They were following each other and at one point Mr. Bixler flew over the edge of the building and got vertigo. I especially loved that episode and was...
  11. R

    Is anyone selling a full assembled tricopter?

    Just wondering if anyone is selling their tricopter. If not ill just order everything from FT/HK. Let me know. Thanks Homies! Keith
  12. Techno

    EDF Tricopter

    Earlier I was explaining how a multi-rotor works to a buddy of mine when I had a side thought. If you have a tricopter which has a servo-driven yaw axis, and uses the thrust to operate pitch and roll; you should theoretically, replace the propellers with Electric-Ducted-Fans and be able to...
  13. C

    Options for metal digital servos for the pivot motor mount on Bat Bone Tricopter

    I am looking at servos and the one recommended is of course out of stock on hobby king as usual. I found this is available at a local hobby shop and...
  14. L

    New Tri Build, Feedback would be great

    New Tri Build Log, Feedback would be great Im starting my first tricopter build, well actually my first r/c build and I`m doing this thread so that if I make a mistake maybe someone can help!:confused: Here is my list of parts: Frame: Bat Bone Tri 370 Kit Flight Control Board: Hobbyking KK2.0...
  15. D

    Free Tricopter Tail mount for Beta Testing - First 3 that qalify get them.

    I am working on a new design and I would like some help testing if anyone is interested. UPDATE: First round of testers chosen. Check back here for updates. Requirements: - you live in the USA because I am paying postage. If you want to pay postage you can live anywhere ;) - you use motors...
  16. D

    CNC Motor Mounts for Quad, tricopter or other. Free shipping (lower 48 USA only)

    I designed and built these motor mounts. Shown in the photos, but not included, is the HobbyKing AX-2810Q motor. This has a standard bolt pattern for 19mm x 16mm. I can create any bolt pattern you want. They have 4 countersunk holes for the 3mm screws (included). They are designed to be...
  17. E

    Tuning, Levelling, Balancing - Getting it Airborne (Tricopter)

    Good day friends, I've completed the V2.6HV by David, and its to the point where Im trying to get it airborne. I can hover, somewhat, but so far the drift is far too crazy for me to be able to fly it properly. My most recent sessions resulted in two broken Rotor Bone motor mounts, and a lot of...
  18. B

    Pusher EDF on a Tricopter

    Hi, If it is possible I would very much like You to accept a challange to give a tricopter an EDF strapped underneath to push it forward. What do You think, is it possible?
  19. L

    Tricopter help!!

    Hi, I`m new to r/c and I want to build a tricopter, but I don't know what components work with each other. If anyone can look over these parts and tell me if they will work that would be awesome!:confused: Hobbyking KK2.0 Multi-rotor LCD Flight Control Board Turnigy Park300 Brushless...