1. C

    Tricopter - Rotor Bones - New Build

    This is my first tri-copter and actually first anything RC related. I'm slowly piecing everything together and am enjoying the journey. I'm attaching the motors, props, etc and wanted to post a picture of the current state so I can confirm that I'm on the right path. I have two questions: 1...
  2. N

    Spektrum dx6i plane / heli mode for tricopter

    Hi, I'm looking to build my first tricopter and I'm finding it difficult to get information on how to set up my Spektrum dx6i transmitter. Some posts have it in plane mode while others have it in heli, can someone please help me by listing the pro's and cons for each in this situation.
  3. P

    how to avoid grinding tricopter (metal gear) servo's nylon gear?

    I am a noob to RC planes. I recently built my tricopter using David's V2.6 design. I used the turnigy MSG375DMG metal gear servo for the build as it came highly recommended. On the second day of trying to learn flying it, the tricopter crashed on the back boom, twisting the motor mount in a bad...
  4. P

    3D printed Tricopter based on David's V2.6

    I am a big fan of FliteTest. I check the site every day for new ideas. Ever since I watched the video of David building his V2.6 design (scratch build), I wanted to build my own. I have already tried and failed to build/fly an X quad and H quad. Since David gave me enough confidence, I went for...
  5. Sammy

    NTM motors for the tricopter

    Hi guys, In episode 9 of the podcast I heard that the DT750 and the NTM motors appear to be the motors of choice of the Swede, so who am I to disagree? I'm rather new to the hobby, and ordered a BatBone tricopter kit (looks rad with firetruck red booms!), along with most of the electronics...
  6. L

    "Tricopter 2.5" tail motor issue, perhaps

    Hi all, I'm a noobie that was inspired by David's tricopter 2.5 blog all that time ago. It's taken me until now (or rather until 2am last night) to finally build it. Everything went extremely smoothly and I was very pleased with myself :p I've been setting up the TX and testing the motors...
  7. T

    Tricopter Tilt motor settings Issues

    Hi everyone! So I am experiencing problems with my KK2.1 board and/or my tilt mechanism. As the tri lifts, 1 of 2 things happen: 1) The motor is not tilted, so it takes off, and less than a second later, it begins to yaw, then, as if the gyros are attempting to compensate, but are tilting in...
  8. jsut210

    Megapirate NG 3.0.1 / APM Tricopter Yaw Issues

    Has anyone been able to set a max or min limit on the servo for a tricopter when using APM or Megapirate? When I push full right on the servo it gets stopped at it's endpoint and draws a ton of current. Would setting the limits on the radio fix this?
  9. R

    tri kk2 multistar tuning

    have built a tri and quad, both using stock software on esc's form hobbyking, built the x900 and x550 with their recommended parts, but still having issues with both not staying in a relatively stable position, before I go on I do have V1.2 software on the kk2, still waiting on the USB to update...
  10. RotateB4TheEnd

    Tricopter/KK2.0 Motor Issue

    Hey all, I'm having an issue with my newly assembled batbone tri. I'm using a KK2.0 board. When doing some throttle ups with the entire system powered up, I'm having an odd issue. Whichever motor is plugged into the M1 slot (This is normally the front left motor) will continue to rev up to a...
  11. T

    Help! Tricopter flies well, but then suddenly loses control and crashes

    Hi folks I've been flying for a while and recently got into multirotors, built a tricopter to David's design, then made a few changes and now I am up to version 3 of my own take on David's tricopter. It flies great and is the most stable and responsive tricopter I've built yet. However, I've...
  12. V

    Throttle Sensitivity

    I have tried looking around, I don't know of the correct keywords to use but... I just finished my first tricopter build and it looks like sex! i made nice foam landing gear so its a nice build for training. Though I'm having this problem where taking off isn't bad but landing it, is soo...
  13. Z

    Batbone or the original tricopter body?

    I'm thinking of building a tricopter and can't decide whether to get the Batbone, David's original tricopter body or maybe some other one. I'm also thinking of using it for filming purposes. What are the advantages and disadvantages with them? Thanks!
  14. A

    Programing ESC's?

    Hey guys, What would be the best way of programing Esc's (I already have a programing card but I want to go beyond programing it by a card) Something that plugs into a computer and you can change all the setting through a program so I can get better throttle response.... And how (Making a Tricopter)
  15. P

    New VTOL concept - Hybrid Airplane/tricopter

    Hi guys, I think I invented a new model of VTOL airplane. Correct me if I'm wrong! It's made of blue insulation foam with the hot wire cutting technic. My main goal was to create a model easy to fly without any tilting parts (wings and/or rotors) like are the "Osprey", "AW609" and many...
  16. D

    Looking for a good Combo Rotors/ESC/Battery for video making

    Got the Tricopter frame . Now I need to find the right Rotors+ESC+Battery to get a smooth and long flight Thanks for your advices ;)
  17. M

    Tricopter APM2.6 FPV AP/AF

    Hello, to assure that I am not doing any big mistakes or forgetting anything I would like to share my planned components and the way I am planning to combine those. Thanks a lot for your feedback in advance. This is my plan for building a Tricopter designed for filming and photography with the...
  18. RC-Sweden

    Bat Bone build

    Hi people, my first post here :) I'm going to start building a Bat Bone tricopter and need help to decide on which engines and length of the wooden arms to use. Thought of using DT700 motors but on the motor mounts in the kit it says that the maximum weight should be 45g :confused: Also...
  19. A

    Tricopter made in Austria

    Hi there! I just wanted to show you my first Tricopter i ever build. I got my inspiration from David, Flitetest and simplcopter. I just used swiveling arms for crash resistance as usual. Material for the deck is 4mm papule plywood. Arms are made from what i have got lying arround. Weight...
  20. N

    Newbie Tri-Copter won't fly. Help!

    I just got in to Tri-Copters and built my first one. I went with Fortis Airframes Titan. I put everything together, paired the Tx and Rx, and nothing is happening. I've watched a lot of youtube videos, and read all kinds of forums. any help would be awesome. heres a list of the gear. KK2...